Bosch Intends to Adopt IOTA

One of the leading engineering companies is going to try out IOTA for autonomous cars project
12 February 2018   309

Sarah Nizze, Bosch’ manager of IoT marketing, announced on Twitter that the engineering company is going to adopt IOTA in their plans for autonomous vehicle development.

This news comes as Bosch opens its first IoT hackathon of the year in Berlin, on February 20-22 with five hack challenges. One of them is focusing on autonomous vehicle market.

Last year Bosh reported that it has partnered with electromotive specialist Tesla to produce the first self-driving car.

Bosch officials believe that IOTA’s data marketplace will provide the basis for autonomous vehicles interaction. It will help cars to communicate with each other independently.

The Bosch’ team explained how cars will financially benefit from platooning. Autonomous cars will be able to follow a lead car to reduce fuel consumption, whilst sending micropayments across the Tangle network to compensate the lead car for sacrificing theirs.

Last year in December, The Robert Bosch Venture Capital firm (RBCV) was reported to have bought a significant amount of IOTA’s MIOTA tokens.

Now, RBCV will play a key role in ensuring the longevity and success of IOTA’s future development.

According to Bosch’s senior technological scout, Tak Dekel, this action represents Bosch’ transformation from a hardware company to a company that deals with data and monetization of data.

IOTA New Website Went Live

David Sonstebo from IOTA team reported that the website will be moved from blockchain to Tangle
16 April 2018   123

It is well-known that IOTA a protocol that achieves consensus on the state of matters in a network, and has a vision to enable all connected devices through verification of truth and transactional settlements which incentivize devices to make available its properties and data in real time. On April 16, 2018 IOTA released the long-awaited new website, which looks neat, professional and convenient.

IOTA new website screenshotIOTA new website screenshot

The users were pretty impressed with the new website, but some of them noticed that website does not scale, however, David Sonstebo from IOTA team reported that they will be moving it from blockchain to Tangle as soon as it will be possible, so there is no need to worry.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of IOTA:

  • Average Price: $1,61
  • Market Cap: $4 470 930 051
  • 24h Vol: $118 560 000