Breaking: Bitcoin split on 478558

Bitcoin hard fork activated: the split happens on 478558 height
01 August 2017   2688

Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks

The Bitcoin blockchain hard fork finally happens: SegWit opponents launch a user-activated hard fork (UAHF) to create Bitcoin Cash, a cryptocurrency competing with Bitcoin. 


Is the first decentralized peer-to-peer payment network that is powered by its users with no central authority or middlemen

Reports on the fork happened began to come immediately:

Bitcoin split on Bitcoin split on

Bitcoin split on Bitcoin split on

The cryptocurrency exchanges' reaction was not long on coming as well:

However, at press time, the Bitcoin blockchain is six blocks ahead of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain. Jameson Lopp, BitGo engineer and CoinDesk contributor, tweeted:

It's likely going to take at least several hours.

Jameson Lopp
BitGo engineer and CoinDesk contributor

Yet the split is far from complete.

Bitcoin Cash

A new cryptocurrency representing a hard-forked version of Bitcoin, different from it in the blocksize limits

Since Bitcoin Cash has about 1% of the computing power that the main bitcoin network has, it might even take 24 hours to mine a new block, argues Jeff Garzik, a former contributor to Bitcoin Core:

Thus, the key question from Tone Vays, a consultant in the realm of Economics, Finance, Blockchain and Bitcoin, remains:

How long do you continue mining Bitcoin Cash without collecting rewards?

Tone Vays
Consultant in the realm of Economics, Finance, Blockchain and Bitcoin

The Bitcoin Cash network now has more than a thousand nodes, with the chain-split seemingly going through smoothly at this stage. What the future has in stock for it, remains to be seen.

Binance to Spread Crypto Fiat Wings

The list of upcoming jurisdictions was found by the Block
18 January 2019   63

The Block has gained access to the list of jurisdictions in which the largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance intends to launch fiat trading platforms. The latter use technology Binance, but will be separate legal entities.

Alleged Binance New Operation Jurisdictions
Alleged Binance New Operation Jurisdictions

In 2019, the exchange allegedly intends to launch full-scale activities in Malta and in Singapore. At the same time, South Korea, Liechtenstein, Russia, Turkey and Argentina are in the plans.

Note that in October last year, such a platform appeared in Uganda, and just a few days ago - on the island of Jersey.