British created mining farm powered by breathing

Researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures created the mining device, powered by people's breath
11 January   198

Max Dovey from Britain designed a spirometer, with which it is possible to mine cryptocurrency from the air. This is reported by Motherboard.

The spirometer measures the volume of inhaled and exhaled air and hashes this data. Then this information enters the computer, which is one of the links in the blockchain. One breath allows the computer to perform a thousand computational operations, the number of which depends not only on the number of breaths, but also on the intensity of breathing.

Mining by Breathing
Mining by Breathing 
Mining by Breathing 2
Mining by Breathing 2
Mining by Breathing 3
Mining by Breathing 3

The device supports only Monero crypto currency mining, but is not able to get really many coins: per second 500 million of these computing operations in the world are made.

At the same time, Max Dovey explained that his invention is not aimed at making money. The main purpose of the device is to show people that mining, which leads to a sharp increase in energy consumption in the world, has other ways of development.

Turning the act of breathing into an active miner on the blockchain network encourages us to consider more sustainable and psychological methods to maintain blockchains.

Max Dorvey

Creator or Spirometr

Created last year, the spirometer has so far brought only one dollar to its creator.

Opera Launches Mining Protection in Mobile Browsers

Opera's protection against cryptocurrency mining scripts is already available, and the browser can be downloaded from the Google Play or the App Store
22 January   209

Opera web browser announced on January 22 that it launches protection against cryptocurrency mining scripts to its mobile browsers. Opera has already introduced the feature to its desktop products called NoCoin.

The new anti-cryptocurrency mining feature is activated by default when enabling the ad blocker on Opera Mini and Opera for Android. The ad blocker can be enabled in “Settings”, and it will automatically detect and stop the mining scripts written into the coding of a webpage.

Opera mining protection

According to the company, more than a billion people worldwide is estimated to be affecting hidden cryptocurrency mining scripts, causing their devices to run warm, become slower and eat up their batteries.

When you browse the web, there are no visual clues that your device is exposed to mining. A single webpage you visit can take up to 4.5 hours of your battery time, if you keep the tab open. This often turns out to be just the battery time you needed to use a ride-hailing app or check the map to get home.


Jan Standal

VP Product Marketing, Opera

After several tests of the Opera browsers for smartphones performed on Samsung Galaxy S8 and HTC One, developers at Opera determined that scripts mining for cryptocurrencies can increase the smartphones’ CPU usage up to 100%. This can cause increased battery draining and make the phone overheat.

According to the company, Opera's new feature is already available, and the browser can be downloaded from the Google Play or the App Store.