British created mining farm powered by breathing

Researcher at the Institute of Network Cultures created the mining device, powered by people's breath
11 January 2018   1484

Max Dovey from Britain designed a spirometer, with which it is possible to mine cryptocurrency from the air. This is reported by Motherboard.

The spirometer measures the volume of inhaled and exhaled air and hashes this data. Then this information enters the computer, which is one of the links in the blockchain. One breath allows the computer to perform a thousand computational operations, the number of which depends not only on the number of breaths, but also on the intensity of breathing.

Mining by Breathing
Mining by Breathing 
Mining by Breathing 2
Mining by Breathing 2
Mining by Breathing 3
Mining by Breathing 3

The device supports only Monero crypto currency mining, but is not able to get really many coins: per second 500 million of these computing operations in the world are made.

At the same time, Max Dovey explained that his invention is not aimed at making money. The main purpose of the device is to show people that mining, which leads to a sharp increase in energy consumption in the world, has other ways of development.

Turning the act of breathing into an active miner on the blockchain network encourages us to consider more sustainable and psychological methods to maintain blockchains.

Max Dorvey

Creator or Spirometr

Created last year, the spirometer has so far brought only one dollar to its creator.

Amberdata to Study Abnormal ETH Miners Rewards

As reported, unknown person mixed up the “gas price” field and “transaction cost”, left the workplace, and the bot did not work correctly
21 February 2019   55

The research startup Amberdata analyzed the activity of the Ethereum network in the last 24 hours and, like the media, found five transactions with an abnormally high commission.

It turned out that all five transfers were made from one address. Within four hours, the owner of the address paid the miners about $ 583,976 for processing transactions.

Note that the commission for block # 7,238,290 in the amount of 2103,1485 ETH, which was received by the Sharkpool pool, is the largest in the history of the network. Nevertheless, representatives of the pool temporarily froze funds in case the owner of the address made a mistake.

Amberdata is convinced that an unknown person mixed up the “gas price” field and “transaction cost”, left the workplace, and then the bot did not work correctly.