British Hacker convicted for Stealing $600,000 in Bitcoin

A UK hacker was prisoned for 10 years and 8 months for selling 63,000 stolen credit and debit cards on the dark web: $600,000 in Bitcoin was seized by Police
28 May 2018   979

Grant West, a 26-year old computer hacker from Kent (United Kingdom), was described as a “one man cybercrime wave” for having stolen the personal data of approximately 165,000 people via “phishing” scheme. The prosecution affirmed that he profited over £180,000 (about $240,000) from the scam and converted the proceeds into Bitcoin, which would then be kept in multiple accounts.

West is supposed to send emails looking like to be from Just Eat, an online food order and delivery service, to extract credit and debit card details from his victims. He was adjudged to more than 10 years in prison after accepting the charges, which included conspiracy to commit fraud, computer misuse, and drug offences. Judge Michael Gledhill presided over the trial.

Masquerading as Just Eat, Grant West suggested a voucher in recovery for answering questions between July 2015 and December 2015. The phishing scam cost the firm over £200,000 (approximately $267,000), but there is no evidence their servers were hacked by West. Other high profile hack victims include British Airways, Barclays, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Uber, Argos, Coral.

The Police seized £25,000 (about $33,000) in cash and £500,000 (about $666,000) in Bitcoin. Judge Michael Gledhill declared £1.6 million (approximately $2.3 million) worth of cryptocurrency is not accounted for. 

When such inadequate security is confronted with a criminal of your skills and ambition it is totally unfit for purpose and worthless. This case should be a wake-up call to customers, companies and the computer industry to the very real threat of cybercrime.
Michael Gledhill
Judge, UK

The hacker once had a number of client`s details, he would then sell them on Alpha Bay, an online dark web market 10-times larger than Silk Road which was taken down by the officials in July 2017.

Ryuk Ransomware Team to Get 705 BTC

CrowdStrike and McAfee believes the program was created and supported by Russians
15 January 2019   97

In less than six months, hackers got 705 bitcoins through Ryuk ransomware, reports The Block.

Until recently, the group of hackers GRIM SPIDER behind Ryuk was supposed to be operating from North Korea. However, according to the companies CrowdStrike and McAfee, the program was created and supported by Russian hackers.

Ryuk is distributed via email-phishing, where the TrickBot Trojan is involved. The main objectives of the ransomware program are large companies and government organizations. Ryuk blocks the victims' hard drives until they pay the ransom. The amount of the latter often depends on the size and significance of the organization.

The program is "famous" for the impressive amounts of required buybacks:

To date, the lowest observed ransom was for 1.7 BTC and the highest was for 99 BTC. With 52 known transactions spread across 37 BTC addresses (as of this writing), GRIM SPIDER has made 705.80 BTC, which has a current value of $3.7 million. With the recent decline in BTC to USD value, it is likely GRIM SPIDER has netted more.


705 bitcoins at the current exchange rate is about $ 2.6 million.