Browser Download Bomb Attack Returned

As reported, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Brave and Chrome are under thread
05 July 2018   986

The release of the Chrome 67 browser has again opened a security hole that allows attackers to run so-called "downloa bombs" that was fixed in the Chrome 65. According to Bleeping Computer, vulnerabilities are also susceptible to the Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Brave.

What is the "download-bombs"?

Attackers use the JavaScript Blob method and the window.navigator.msSaveOrOpenBlob function to force the browser to load one file at such a rate that the CPU load rises to 100% in 5-10 seconds. As a result, the program interface stops and the user can not close the browser or open another tab:

Download Bomb
Download Bomb

This attack is used by fake support sites that intimidate their victims with reports that data is being stolen from their computer, and to solve the problem it is necessary to report to the specified number.

Who is under threat?

After correcting the error in the version of Chrome 65.0.3325.70, it again appeared in the update on June 12, 2018 under the number 67.0.3396.87. And this time the threat is more serious: according to experts from Malwarebytes, Firefox is also at risk.

In addition, Bleeping Computer tested the proof-of-concept (PoC) code for Chrome and Firefox in other browsers and came to the conclusion that "download-bombs" also work in Vivaldi and Brave. Opera, unlike the others, did not freezed totally after the exploit and even allowed to switch the tab, but the working of PoC-page did not allow the interface to work properly, and the browser had to be closed through the "Task Manager".

According to the results of testing only Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer were resistant to this attack.

Chrome 73 Released

Now the Android version of popular browser has Lite page mode that speeds up website download and reduces traffic consumption
13 March 2019   215

Google has released another update Chrome.

  • The Android application has Lite pages mode for optimizing pages, speeding up their loading and reducing traffic, as well as a new download manager.
  • Settings for account management and synchronization are collected in a separate section - Sync and Google services.
  • Improved video mode “picture in picture”. A floating window can now make web applications (PWA): chat rooms, instant messengers, video conferencing. And added the button "Skip advertising".
  • It is forbidden to load external resources in scripts provided by extensions. Extension developers now need to use background handlers.

The previous version was released in late January.