BTC and ZCL to co-fork into BTCA

Anonymous Bitcoin will be a fusion of Bitcoin and ZClassic with a fork scheduled on September 9
31 May 2018   2537

As forks become a trend in the crypto space, one has to wonder which ones are legitimate and which - fraudulent. The project Anonymous Bitcoin aims to succeed where previous forks have failed. The new forked coin will be the result of a co-fork of Bitcoin and ZClassic. Anonymous Bitcoin token will have a ticker of BTCA.

Jake Greenbaum, Ran NeuNer and Sam Abbassi

BTCA testnet will be launched on August 10. Roughly a month prior to the mainnet launch will give the exchanges time to test the wallets and infrastructure. The snapshot is scheduled for September 9 with the mainnet to be launched within 48 hours after the snapshot is taken.

Main features of BTCA are going to be as follows:

  • anonymity via zkSNARK technology;
  • increased transactions speed via increased block sizes;
  • coin staking via masternodes

More details about the event and the project's team composition can be found here.

Bakkt to Unveil Bitcoin Futures Test Date

Along with date announcement, COO Bakkt believes the platform will attract institutional investors and set new standards for the cryptocurrency market
14 June 2019   237

The Bakkt cryptocurrency platform has named the exact start date for testing Bitcoin futures. The first users will be allowed to test the tool on July 22.

According to Bakkt's Operations Director, Adam White, the platform will attract institutional investors and set new standards for the cryptocurrency market.

White pointed out that the wider distribution of cryptocurrencies, in particular, is hampered by unreliable pricing mechanisms and the likelihood of instantly falling rates.

Along with these problem-solving solutions that are new to digital asset markets, Bakkt also brings all the other features that institutions would expect in a versatile and broadly accessible market, including: block trades; a fee holiday through the end of the year to encourage trading; market maker incentive programs to encourage liquid markets; and integrations with ISVs and regulated brokerage platforms.

Adam White

COO, Bakkt

At Bakkt, two futures contracts will be presented - with daily and monthly settlements. Risk management and the securing mechanism for these contracts will meet the standards of the traditional derivatives market.