BTC to be $25k By The End of The Year, Tom Lee Says

New forecast from Fundstrat co-founder and Wall Street analyst
01 March 2018   1481

Fundstrat co-founder and Wall Street analyst Tom Lee confirmed his forecast that by the middle of the year the price of bitcoin will reach $ 20,000 and $ 25,000 towards its end. He also expects that at least three corporations whose shares are traded on stock exchanges will issue their own crypto-currencies in 2018. This is reported by CNBC.

In his report, the analyst repeats the forecast he gave in January, when he said that bitcoin could "easily double" this year.

Despite the fact that now bitcoin costs twice less than the highs recorded in December above the level of $ 20,000, Lee is sure: this year bitkoin will return to this mark and even rise above it.

The announcement by Rakuten is another example of positive developments in crypto in 2018, suggesting the large sell-off in bitcoin and others at the start of the year was an overshoot to the downside.

Tom Lee

Co-founder, Fundstrat

Lee sees in this trend a sign that supports his forecast at the rate of bitcoin. He also recalled that Japanese online retailer Rakuten recently announced plans to launch his own crypto currency, adding that this step is a sure sign that the crypto-currency space continues to develop despite the correction of bitcoin.

Lee also expects that several large companies, perhaps even Starbucks, Facebook or Amazon, which were not previously represented in the crypto-currency sector, will start using blockage this year.

The analyst recalls that the chairman of Starbucks recently allowed the use of blockage in the company's new payment application, and suggests that Facebook and Amazon "announce a crypto-currency strategy this year."

Bitifinex to Cooperate With Bitrefill

Exchange's users will be able to purchase products from the Bitrefill catalog with help of Lightning Network
05 December 2019   110

The Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange has entered into a partnership with the service of replenishing mobile accounts and gift certificates Bitrefill.

Using Lightning Network (LN) technology, Bitfinex users will be able to purchase products from the Bitrefill catalog, which includes more than 2,000 digital gift cards and options for replenishing mobile accounts.

As soon as the user pays for the goods using Bitcoin, Bitfinex and Bitrefill automatically settle through the LN network, which makes transactions cheaper and much faster.

Bitcoin’s use as a means of payment represents an important milestone in the inevitable journey towards mass adoption. This is why the Lightning Network is so important. As an exchange, Bitfinex is at the forefront of developing solutions utilizing this technology.

Paolo Ardoino

CTO, Bitfinex

On December 3, Bitfinex integrated payment support through the Lightning Network.