BTC to be $25k, Tom Lee Says

Well-known Bitcoin bull is optimistic bout the price of digital "gold", as always
24 May 2018   1280

Co-founder of Fundstrat Global Advisors, Tom Lee does not abandon his forecasts and expects bitcoin to grow to $ 25,000. The analyst said this in a conversation with CNBC.

According to him, the latest decline in the market is explained by "typical volatility of the crypto-currency". As an argument for his bullish forecast, he pointed to 3 key factors.

The first factor is the cost of issuing bitcoin. On Tuesday, on the air of the "Futures Now" broadcast, when bitcoin cost about $ 8,000, Lee said that the cryptocurrency "is traded at the level of actual costs". On Wednesday, the analyst said that the cost of issuing bitcoin is about $ 6,000, that is significantly lower than the price of the cryptocurrency in the market.

Among other factors that may cause further growth of bitcoin, Lee mentions the arrival of institutional investors who still do not have the opportunity to interact freely with the crypto-currency industry.

I think institutional investors have gained a lot of interest, and they haven't really come into crypto yet because there is still some regulatory uncertainty. But that sort of ultimate allocation into crypto as an asset class is going to be a powerful reason why bitcoin rallies.

Tom Lee


Finally, Lee refers to an analysis of historical data conducted by Fundstrat, which also suggests that investors should keep the Crypto currency.

Historically, 10 days comprise all the performance in any single year of bitcoin's price. If you just took out those 10 days, bitcoin's down 25 percent a year. So as miserable as it feels holding bitcoin at $8,000, the move from $8,000 to $25,000 will happen in a handful of days.

Tom Lee


Earlier, another analyst at Fundstrat Sam, Doctor, published the results of his analysis, which led him to conclude that the rate of bitcoin in 2019 could rise to $ 36,000 or even $ 64,000.

BTC Invesment Profitability to Exceed Traditional Assets

This conclusion was made by Binance Research team in study "What Bear Market?"; since begining of the year the BTC has grown by more than 50%, while oil by 33%
08 May 2019   320

Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin has grown faster than traditional market assets, including oil, technology companies, real estate and gold. This conclusion was made by Binance Research in the new study "What Bear Market?"

Since the beginning of the year, the price of Bitcoin has grown by more than 50%, while oil - by 33%, tech stocks - by 18%. The price of gold in five months slipped by 1%.

Recently, however, some factors have emerged that may put pressure on the price of Bitcoin. Thus, the recovery of BTC growth slowed down somewhat amid news of a hacker attack on the popular Binance exchange itself, as a result of which 7,000 BTC ($ 40.5 million) were stolen.

Another potentially negative factor for the price of Bitcoin could be the upcoming IEO of the Bitfinex exchange, where Tether stablecoins will be used to purchase LEO tokens for $ 1 billion. It can lead to situation when large players can may actively sell BTC.