BTC-e activates funds withdrawal

New official announcement of well-known cryptocurrency exchange
02 September 2017   1446

At the 2nd of September, on the new BTC-e domain, the ability of partial funds withdrawal should be activated. This is report by the exchange itself.

Tomorrow, September 2, 2017, it will be possible to withdraw 55% of the funds from the account in coins,only with your refusal of our debt obligations to the remaining 45% of funds in the form of tokens.
More details about the conditions, the principle of calculation and the form of output will be available tomorrow.

BTC-e team

Team also unleased the information about accounts of that users, who is going to stay and wait for new platform's launch.

  1. Your profile will be automatically transferred with all the security settings (password, 2fa, IP white list)
  2. All your funds will be transferred to a new site.
  3. On the day the site is launched, the balance sheet will be recalculated at the market rate and will be credited to accounts with a higher ratio than 55/45.
  4. Tokens will be credited to your account balance, which you can use for bidding and issuing codes.

What about the launch date? 

The launch date for the new platform, which will operate in the legal field of AML, KYC and the necessary licenses with bids (web, api) and the possibility of input and output (Fiat, coins, codes) is planned no later than September 15, 2017. 

BTC-e team

It worth reminding that BTC-e is available at NZ domain since 31st of August. 

Bittrex to List LOOM

LOOM is the token of the American startup Loom Network, which launches decentralized applications
18 July 2018   112

Popular cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex listed Loom Network token LOOM. 

As the team of the exchange said, trading with the crypto currency will begin in the near future. On the background of this news, LOOM showed a price jump fo 14%.

LOOM Price Chart
LOOM Price Chart

LOOM is the token of the American startup Loom Network, which is launching decentralized applications.

In January, Bittrex tightened the criteria for listing new tokens. Now, developers need to provide technical information about the token itself, as well as the data of at least one team member. At the moment, the exchange has 290 digital coins.