BTC-e relaunched

Well-known cryptocurrency exchange is finally launched at wex .nz
16 September 2017   823

The BTC-e exchange, which was closed in July, restarted on the domain and is already trading.

Design hadn't changed, only new logo appeared. interface interface

We are grateful to the ex-users of BTC-E for their patience. We, for our part, spent a lot of energy and energy to create a new trading platform in the shortest possible time. Our platform will operate in accordance with AML / KYC laws and international practices in this field. team

The administration of the exchange notes that they have no relation to funds of BTC-E Always Efficient LLP.

In addition to transferred balances, bonus crypto-tokens are calculated for each user in the calculation of 61.79 / 38.21 (%). These tokens will be available for bidding and for use by means of wex-code.

It is also noted that for general security in the first 3-7 working days the site will work in a test mode to check the operation of all the units. The withdrawal of funds will set daily limits (information about them is available in the account profile), in the future they will be increased. After the test period, the site will operate without restrictions.

According to WEX, the exchange signed a cooperation agreement with a network of verified exchange services (agents), which will allow USD / EUR / RUR to enter and withdraw with minimal commissions in a convenient way in different parts of the world.

In addition, WEX is activelly developing areas as investment, trading, arbitration, consulting, mining, ICO, exposing the pyramids.


Play2live announced the release of its MVP and a token sale

Blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers release a full-fledged esports streaming service
21 February 2018   21

On February 21 the first blockchain-based streaming platform for gamers, Play2live, opened its LevelUp Coin (LUC) token sale event with a deadline on March 14 at 17:00 UTC along with the rolling out of its MVP. The platform is based on BitShares 2.0, already successfully passed a heavy testing stage with with live matches and streams.

The service is already capable of accepting around 200,000 viewers. A special tournament for CS:GO - CryptoMasters with the world's first prize pool entirely comprised of the virtual currency ($100,000 worth of LUC) is also announced under the banner of Play2live. The event is set to take place in Minsk, Belarus on February 24-25. The broadcast will be arranged in 7 languages - English, Russian, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

The service also features a voting system during matches using the same LUC. This token acts as an internal currency that can be easily converted to another cryptocurrency or a fiat currency by means of the Play2live's API.

The company itself was established in 2017. Its purpose is to merge blockchain technology and streaming service to provide all the participants of the streaming process a seamless platform for prioritizes interaction and encourages the diversity of monetization schemes. It is reported that Play2live will have up to 15 sources of revenue.

On February 21 at 17:00 UTC CEO of Play2live opened the token sale with a Q&A stream session with topics concerning the update of P2l, product and sale related matters.