BTC-e trading starts 15/09

New updates from well-known cryptocurrency exchange
07 September 2017   1286

Well-known cryptocurrency exchange released new announcement regarding the future plans.

Thus, the representatives of the exchange inform that the migration to a new platform and the beginning of trading are planned for September 15. At the same time, the launch of the support portal is scheduled for September 10.

It also became known that the transfer of funds and credentials (passwords, 2fa, etc.) will occur automatically and no additional user action will be required.

On the day the site is launched, the balance sheet will be recalculated at the market rate and will be credited to accounts with a higher ratio than 55/45. There will be no conversions, some of the funds will be transferred to tokens. 

BTC-e team

Also, representatives of the trading platform reported on plans to increase the number of ways to widthdraw or input the funds and reduce commission. As for BTC-e codes, they will "remain, but are transformed into more modern payment instruments."

In addition, representatives of BTC-e warned about frequent cases of phishing mailings and recommended not to open suspicious files. 

Also, the BTC-e noted that deposits made after August 1 will not be credited to the balance, since these funds are "under US control."

BlackRock to Consider Bitcoin Futures

World largest asset management firm created a workgroup to study the prospects of crypto-based futures
16 July 2018   78

Investment company BlackRock has formed a working group that should find out what benefits the world's largest asset manager can get from entering the cryptocurrency sector, despite the fact that previously its CEO had heavily criticized bitcoin. This is reported by Financial News.

The investment giant, whose assets amount to $ 6.3 trillion, created a team that included experts from various business areas. They must collect information about the cryptocurrencies, the underlying infrastructure and technology of the blockchain.

The working group, which includes investment strategist Terry Simpson, should find out whether BlackRock should invest in bitcoin futures.

Sources also reported that BlackRock is studying the experience of its competitors in this area and the potential impact of their actions on the company's business. The working group will report on the results of its research to senior management.

A spokeswoman for BlackRock reported that the company has been considering blockchain technology for several years, but declined to comment on the cryptocurrency.

The creation of a working group may mark a turning point in relations between BlackRock and cryptocurrencies. Last year, its head, Larry Fink, said that bitcoin is an extremely speculative tool, and the only reason for its popularity is its anonymity. "This is an instrument that is used for money laundering," he said bluntly.

Fink gave his comments even before the appearance of crypto-currency futures. At that time, he saw no opportunity for his company to enter this market.