BTC Sales Thru Cash App to Rise by 245% in a Year

Cash app is developed by the Square Inc, run by the Twitter creator; it allows you to send money and trade Bitcoin
07 November 2019   455

In the third quarter, Square’s Bitcoin sales through Square’s Cash App reached a record $ 148 million. This is 245% more than a year earlier and 20% higher than the second quarter.

In a letter to investors, the company noted that the number of Bitcoin buyers "doubled for the first time."

The profit remained at the level of the second quarter - $ 2 million, and the total revenue from the Cash App in the quarter - $ 307 million.

Monex Online Broker to Reward Shareholders With BTC

Crypto will not be received by all shareholders as an additional interest, but only those who have an account on the Coincheck
23 March 2020   259

The Japanese brokerage company Monex Group has announced that it will pay shareholders a small amount in bitcoins as an additional interest at the end of the fiscal year.

Cryptocurrency will not be received by all shareholders of the online broker, but only those who have an account on the Coincheck bitcoin exchange. In addition to the regular payments for the year, these shareholders will receive 500 yen (about $ 4.54) in bitcoins. The fiscal year in Japan ends March 31.

The company acquired Coincheck for $ 33.6 million in 2018, when the platform experienced serious financial difficulties after a massive $ 530 million hack. With the new owner, Coincheck received a license from Japan's financial regulator in January last year. Later, the exchange launched a platform for OTC cryptocurrency trading and announced a platform for conducting IEO.