BTCC voiced its position on SegWit2x

Bobby Lee talked with Reddit users and voiced BTCC's position on SegWit2x, Bitcoin price manipulation and BTCC' mining plans
03 November 2017   637

Bobby Lee, co-founder of one of the ex-biggest Chinese cryptocurrency exchange "BTCC", talked with Reddit users. He had made some interesting statements.

On Segwit2X:

We will support more than one chain if there’s enough user demand and if doing so makes economic sense.
BTCC supports altcoin mining; earlier this year, we started mining litecoins, and we will start mining bitcoin cash soon.
In the future, if the Bitcoin Core Legacy (BCL) chain survives, we will consider providing BTCC Pool support for that based on market demand.

Bobby Lee 
BTCC Co-founder

On BTCC mining:

We will mine BTC, and once bitcoin is upgraded in November, we will continue to mine that.

Bobby Lee 
BTCC Co-founder

On Bitcoin Price manipulation:

I believe that bitcoin prices will become harder and harder to manipulate as more and more people worldwide get into bitcoin. Liquidity is increasing significantly. 

Bobby Lee 
BTCC Co-founder

Now BTCC is a mining pool, it stopped all exchange operation some time ago. This was made due to Chinese authorities policy. 

Updated BTCC Launched

Ex-largest Chinese cryptocurrency exchanges comes back with a lot of new interesting features
02 July 2018   207

The oldest BTCC exchange, which for some time was one of the largest in China, announced the restart of its rading platform, as well as plans for the release of its own tokens. This is reported on the company's website.

According to the company representatives, the exchange has already started its work. Trading pairs with Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash can be traded against both bitcoin and the US dollar.

Also, on the updated exchange, a reward system is implemented. Points will be granted for registration, the subsequent verification of the account, the deposit of funds and trading activity. The accumulated points can then be converted into BTCC's tokens, which will also be used on the trading platform.

The exact timeframe for the release of the new token is still unknown. However, representatives of the company said that their release will be implemented within the "next few months". Also, BTCC has not yet decided on the volume of the offer and the proportion, according to which points will be converted into tokens.

First three months there's gonna be a zero fee. Representatives of BTCC also said that in the future it is planned to add other crypto-currency assets, as well as ERC-20 tokens.

The company announced plans to restart the BTCC platform at the end of May. At the same time, it became known about a multi-level and multi-cluster system with an optimized high-speed engine, as well as crypto-currency services offered by traders.

The BTCChina exchange was closed in September 2017 after repressive measures by the Chinese authorities. BTCC, however, continued its activities, focusing on the mining pool and Mobi cryptocurrency wallet.