Wallet Lets Users Buy BTC With Credit Cards

On January 17 announced that wallet users can buy bitcoin in their digital wallet worldwide using credit cards
18 January 2018   1195 is a Bitcoin and BitcoinCash wallet, open-source and fully featured mining pool and a block explorer. The wallet has made an announcement stating that the users can now buy Bitcoin directly in their wallet with a credit card.

To be able to buy Bitcoin the users should:

  • Create a new wallet or log in to their wallet
  • Go to the Bitcoin section of the wallet.
  • Choose “Buy” in the menu.
  • To buy bitcoin with your credit card, select “Buy with Credit Card (Simplex)”
  • Choose the amount
  • Fill out the billing information
  • Enter credit card information to complete the purchase
  • Verify the identity instruction of buying instruction of buying Bitcoin with Credit Card

Currently, the minimum amount to buy is $50, or equivalent in BTC or EUR. At the moment, the credit card checkout is available for web wallet users via, and the team of promised to release this feature for iOS/Android app users as well.

Moreover, it was stated in the announcement that buying Bitcoin Cash will be added in the near future.

VeriBlock to Report on Mainnet Launch

VeriBlock believes their technology allows networks of other cryptocurrencies to use the bitcoin blockchain to counter the “51% attacks”
21 March 2019   79

Using the bitcoin blockchain to ensure the safety of altcoins, the VeriBlock project announced the launch of the main network. This is reported in a press release.

According to the developers, the VeriBlock technology allows networks of other cryptocurrencies to use the bitcoin blockchain to counter the “51% attacks”. The project is confident that this approach not only ensures the security of less popular networks, but also allows their developers to focus on innovation and functionality.

According to analysts of The Block, 25–45% of bitcoin transactions fall on VeriBlock. The VeriBlock network uses a consensus algorithm called Proof-of-Proof (PoP). The project seeks to ensure the safety of other blockchains by loading a snapshot of the altcoin registry into the BTC blockchain, using the OP_RETURN function and other methods to embed network state data.

The project’s website states that PoP allows altcoin networks to use the most protected Bitcoin blockchain with its Proof-of-Work algorithm.