BTCC’s Mobi and Bitwala turn away from non-EU Visa users

BTCC’s Mobi and Bitwala announce the suspension of Bitcoin cards for non-EU Visa network users
01 September 2017   2129

China-based BTCC's Mobi wallet application is to stop offering its Visa debit card service to non-European residents on October 15th, 2017 as because of the new licensing restrictions from Visa.

On top of that, Berlin-based Bitwala, a Bitoin wallet management app, also announced they would be suspending service on all existing debit cards for users who live outside of the Visa European territory. Thus, according to Visa's new regulations, only customers in the EEA and selected adjacent states will be able to order the Bitwala Debit Card. Bitwala will suspend service on all existing Debit Cards for users who live outside of the European territory by October 15th, 2017. The new regulations came into force on August 21st and users who have ordered their cards from August 9th have been refunded.

Furthermore, Bitwala team has also announced some changes in their currency policy:

Bitwala currency suspension Bitwala currency suspension

As reported, in the past week, Xapo and Shakepay also announced that they would be halting service of their Bitcoin enabled debit cards to all card holders who reside outside of the Visa European payment network.

Vinnik Extradtion to France to be Supported by SCoG

Alexander is holding the hunger strike for 24 days and lost around 9 kilos
19 December 2018   21

Following the trial court of the city of Thessaloniki, the Greek Areopagus decided to extradite Alexander Vinnik, suspected of laundering $ 4 billion through the BTC-e cryptocurrency exchange, to France. Thus, the appeal of Russian lawyers was rejected, reports TASS referring to the chairman of the court Angelique Aliferopoul.

After the announcement of the verdict, Alexander Vinnik declared that he would continue the hunger strike against the arbitrary rule of the Greek authorities, which began in mid-November.

I have been starving for 24 days. Yesterday I was weighed; according to the documents, I lost 8 kg. But they did not immediately begin to weigh me, only on the third day. So I lost 9 kg. If I'll be extradited to Moscow, I will stop starving.

Alexander Vinnik


Alexander Vinnik was detained in Greece at the request of the American authorities on July 25, 2017. In June 2018, Vinnik was arrested in absentia in Russia on charges of cyber fraud on a large scale.

At the moment, there have been several court decisions on the extradition of Vinnik - at the request of the United States, at the request of France and two decisions at the request of Russia. The final decision on the case will take the Minister of Justice of Greece.