BTG Mine and MinerTopia stops BTG mining

According to the statements of two mining pools, BTG mining is unprofitable
16 November 2017   1749

The MinerTopia mining pool officially announced the closure of its Bitcoin Gold mining pool section due to significant losses. 

At the official website of MinerTopia, the Bitcoin Gold section is market as closed and website of BTG mining section is unavailable.

BTG Mine pool also reported about the stop of BTG mining.

Users of new crypto currency continue to complain about problems with wallets and low transaction speed.

Bitcoin Gold Price

At the moment of press, average Bitcoin Gold price is $174.06. 

Bitcoin Gold price chart
Bitcoin Gold price chart

It is wotth noting that the biggest amount of BTG trading comes to Bitfinex and HitBTC exchanges.

Bitcoin Gold Markets
Bitcoin Gold Markets

It is also worth noting that BTG has "?" as a marketcap at Coinmarketcap website.

Chinese Hackers Hiddenly Mined $2M

Hackers built hidden miner into plug-ins for the Internet browser - for example, to improve the speed of the Internet
10 July 2018   241

Chinese hackers were able to mine hiddenly $2M worth  cryptocurrency in 2 years. 1M devices were infected. This is reported by CoinDesk.

According to one local media, police in the Chinese city of Dalian arrested 20 employees of a computer firm who are suspected of illegally taking control of a large number of computers for illegal crypto-mining.

Hackers created a malicious program and built it into plug-ins for the Internet browser - for example, to improve the speed of the Internet - and promoted it through advertising, which was shown to 5 million users.

After the user clicked on such an advertisement and installed the plugin, his computer became infected. As a result, according to the police, malware was downloaded to more than 1 million computers, which for 2 years mined 26 million tokens of Digibyte, Decred and Siacoin.

In addition, hackers created a network of more than 100 agents to promote their illegal mining network-for example, through working relationships in the internet cafes.