BTG Mine and MinerTopia stops BTG mining

According to the statements of two mining pools, BTG mining is unprofitable
16 November 2017   968

The MinerTopia mining pool officially announced the closure of its Bitcoin Gold mining pool section due to significant losses. 

At the official website of MinerTopia, the Bitcoin Gold section is market as closed and website of BTG mining section is unavailable.

BTG Mine pool also reported about the stop of BTG mining.

Users of new crypto currency continue to complain about problems with wallets and low transaction speed.

Bitcoin Gold Price

At the moment of press, average Bitcoin Gold price is $174.06. 

Bitcoin Gold price chart
Bitcoin Gold price chart

It is wotth noting that the biggest amount of BTG trading comes to Bitfinex and HitBTC exchanges.

Bitcoin Gold Markets
Bitcoin Gold Markets

It is also worth noting that BTG has "?" as a marketcap at Coinmarketcap website.

Mining Companies Approached Quebec

Miners are hoping to take advantage of Canadian electric utility Hydro-Quebec cheap rates
17 February 2018   108

During an interview with CTV News Montreal, spokesman Marc-Antoine Pouliot told that more than 100 crypto mining companies approached Hydro-Quebec. Few of them have already settled there.

According to Pouliot, some farms would consume more than 20x the power required for Montreal's sports and entertainment complex, The Bell Centre.

One project like that isn't a problem, but now we're talking hundreds.

Marc-Antoine Pouliot


Hydro-Quebec is attracting mining companies to the province with its low rates, but the cheap energy and cold weather - ideal for keeping mining machines cool.

Pouliot stated that Hydro-Quebec has a surplus of energy, which makes miners interesting clients. Taking this into account, Hydro-Quebec may raise energy rates for crypto businesses.