Buterin Donated $763k to Fight Possible AI Rise

Creator of Ethereum donated $763k worth ETH to Machine Intelligence Research Institute
22 February 2018   8190

The non-profit organization Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), which studies potential hazards of artificial intelligence, published data on donations collected in December last year. As it turned out, 66% of the funds were received in the crypto currency, Bitcoin.com reports.

66% of the funds donated during the campaign were in the cryptocurrency (mostly Bitcoin and Ethereum). The largest transfer came in the end - $ 763,970 in Ether from Vitalik Buterin. This was the third largest donation in the history of the organization after a $ 1.25 million grant from the Open Philanthropy Project in October and $ 1.01 million in Ethereum in May.

It should be noted that the main goal of MIRI is to create a secure artificial intelligence, as well as to study the potential dangers and opportunities that may arise when creating AI. The organization has representative offices in the USA and Canada.

The total amount of MIRI donations in December 2017 was $ 2,515,148 - twice the initial target of $ 1.25 million.

Abnormal High Ethereum Miners Reward to be Found

Reward for Ethereum block # 7 238 290, mined by Sparkpool, was 2103,1485 ETH
20 February 2019   72

The Sparkpool mining pool received a payment of more than 2000 ETH for the extraction of block # 7 238 290. This is 600 times higher than the standard remuneration of the network at 3 ETH.

So, the pool included 210 transactions in block and received 2103,1485 ETH. This incident is instantly overgrown with different versions.

Jimmy Chong, co-founder of the decentralized IOST application, suggested that one or more users might accidentally set a transaction fee at an extremely high level.

Tokenview Info
Tokenview Info

Other explorers do not exclude that someone could anonymously support the community of miners. Skeptics say that attackers could launder money in this way.