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Types of RubyMine's licenses and how to pick one, available discounts and is it possible to crack it
06 July 2017   3785

A dynamic, open source programming language with a focus on simplicity and productivity, it has an elegant syntax that is natural to read and easy to write.

Every developer needs a convenient and powerful tool for a coding. Despite the fact that many programmers prefer text editors, IDE-systems offer a much bigger range of possibilities. They simplify code navigation, have an auto-completion function, highlight the syntax and errors in it.

RubyMine is one of the most powerful and popular Ruby IDEs.

rubymine interfaceRubyMine Interface


A smart and easy to use integrated development environment for the Ruby language and Rails web framework.


  • Specialized solution for Ruby programmers;
  • Syntax highlighting and autocompletion, the written code is analyzed “on the fly”, with the immediate fix ability;
  • Navigation by code elements or by the project itself;
  • Built-in Ruby debugger;
  • RoR and Sinatra support;
  • Integrated with Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce, CVS;
  • Flexible customization.

It has a quite high price but also two trial version and multiple discounts. Let’s figure out, how much does it cost and what version are available. 

RubyMine Prices

Payment is possible only on a rental basis, with yearly or monthly payments.  For an individual user, the year of use of RubyMine will cost $ 89 for the organization it will cost  $ 199 for one copy.  You can buy a license for several years ahead, saving about 40% of the amount. Monthly payment is possible, however in this case the total price tag for 12 months will grow by approximately 20% - $ 238.8 for the company. JetBrains offer completely free access to their IDE for students, teachers, educational institutions, open-source projects. Startups can receive a 50% discount for three years. The price for graduates of universities and users of other Ruby IDEs is reduced by 25%. See our table for more information.

License type Business Individual
Per month $19.9 $8.9
Per year(1st year) $199.9 $89
Second Year $159 $71
Third Year $119 $53

Main differences between Business and Individual are that Business licence is billed to a legal entity and that Individual license cannot be purchased by the companies. 

rubymine webpage
RubyMine webpage

Also, if you will buy license per month for some time, you will receive 20% discount for uninterrupted subscription for 2nd year, 40% discount for uninterrupted subscription for 3rd year onwards. Additionally, all license holders qualify for a flat annual rate at 20% off while on continuous subscription.

RubyMine discounts, free and trial versions 

Also, there is branched discounts, free and trial versions system. These type of users can get a discount:

  1. Startups - 50% OFF
    Private software development companies that have been in business for 3 years or fewer qualify for a 50% discount on commercial licenses for RubyMine and all other JetBrains products. The discount is valid for a total of up to 10 licenses for all products combined.

    There are some requirements in order apply for this discount:

    1. Is privately held,
    2. Has been in business for no more than 3 years,
    3. Is engaged in development of a software-based product or service, and
    4. Is an established business with a website and/or existing public references on the Internet.

      If your company meets these criteria, you can apply for your discount now.

      After your application is approved, your startup discount will be available for one or more purchases of up to 10 licenses per organization during 24 months.

      You will have to fill in the form, where you need to provide information about your company (name, website, core business, address) and add a scanned official document that proofs your business (any official document which states when your company was established) or a link with this info. 

      Ruby on Rails

      A framework written in the Ruby programming language

  2. Student graduation - 25% OFF
    JetBrains provides a 25% Graduation discount, which can be used with the purchase of a new personal subscription for any single JetBrains product or for the All Products pack.  A Graduation discount should be redeemed within 1 year of your Student License expiration date. 

  3. For competitive tools users - 25% OFF
    Owners of other commercial tools competitive to RubyMine qualify for a 25% OFF towards standard commercial or personal subscription for RubyMine.

    If you've previously purchased a commercial product competitive to RubyMine, then you are eligible for this discount. Developers manual processes all requests. This means that, the final decision is left to JetBrains. Competitive discount can't be combined with other discounts (such as start-up discount, volume discount, etc), and can't be applied if you already have RubyMine licenses.

    A proof of purchase of a competitive product is required in order to get the discount. Proof of purchase may be an invoice, receipt or similar document.

RubyMine Subscription WebpageRubyMine Subscription Webpage

Free RubyMine

You can apply for a free version if you are:

  1. Student.
    Students can use all JetBrains tools for free upon verification based on domain or ISIC card. You can get all JetBrains products at once. There are 3 ways to apply for these license:
    1. with yor email, registered under the university's domain. You will receive further instructions on it.
    2. by providing the scan of your ISIC/ITIC card.
    3. any other official document certifying your affiliation with your academic institution, e.g. a scanned copy of your student card.

      This tickets will be reviewed by a real person and may take up to a week.

  2. Teachers.

    Teachers can get a classroom license. License allow the software to be installed and used in on-site classrooms and labs, with per-machine license distribution via JetBrains License Server (a web application that enables the administration of floating licenses).
    This apply also needs official document to be added. Classroom licenses are valid for one year. You can upgrade to any new versions released during that time for free.

  3. Open-source project.
    Non-commercial Open Source projects can qualify for free licenses to RubyMine and other JetBrains tools provided that they meet a set of simple criteria:

  • Available only to non-commercial open source projects.
  • Provided only to core team developers.
  • You have to be a project lead or core committer to apply
  • Project must be at least 3 months old
  • Project is in active development
  • Projects that are sponsored by a commercial company or organization, or those with employees paid to work on the project are not eligible
  • Projects cannot provide commercial services (such as consulting or training) around the product, or distribute paid versions of the software

    This license lasts for 1 year and must be applied again to renew.

RubyMine Free Trial

Also, there are two types of trial version 30 and 90 days. 30 days trial doesn’t require any applies and form filling in. To receive a 90 days team trial you will have to fill in short form and wait to be contacted.

Free licenses has no restrictions on functionality but some (classroom, open source) requires upgrade (prolongation request).

RubyMine Payment Methods

Developers accept these payment methods:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • Diners Club
  • JCB
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • paypal
  • bank/wire transfer
  • cheques

Can only be payed in US dollars. 

RubyMine perpetual fallback license

Perpetual fallback license is the license that allows you to use a specific version of software without an active subscription for it. The license also includes all bugfix updates, more specifically in X.Y.Z version all Z releases are included.

When purchasing an annual subscription, you will immediately get a perpetual fallback license for the exact version available at the time.

If paying on a monthly basis, as soon as you pay for 12 consecutive months, you will receive this perpetual fallback license providing you with access to the exact product version for when your 12 consecutive months subscription started. You will receive perpetual fallback licenses for every version you’ve paid 12 consecutive months for.

This option is available whether you subscribe to a single product or the ‘All Products’ option.

RubyMine Refund Policy

Also, you can apply for a refund. We refund annual subscription orders up to 30 days after the purchase date.

Monthly subscription orders can be refunded up to 7 days after the purchase date.

To request a refund, please contact sales and send us the order reference number, invoice number or other purchase-related information.


As you can see, company has a very serious approach for a discounts and free version of their products, so, it is impossible to “simulate” a student or an open-source project to receive free version.

Some “bad” users would like to find “ rubymine keygen” or a “rubymine crack” but, luckily RubyMine checks it’s license constantly thru the web, so, there is no way to “crack” it.

Rubymine developers allows you to choose the optimal type of license. They don't require money from those who study programming, who creates an open-source project, have humane attitude for start-ups. If you have a real commercial start-up project and you need to use Rubymine for developing, you can receive good discount. 

RubyMine isn't cheap for a commercial use, but it is one of the best Ruby IDEs in industry. 

GitHub to Launch Sponrship System

GitHub does not charge fees, and the first year will cover the costs of processing payments
24 May 2019   261

System called GitHub Sponsors is launched to provide financial support for open source projects. The new service provides a new form of participation in the development of projects - if the user does not have the opportunity to help in the development, he or she can join the projects of interest as a sponsor and help through funding specific developers, maintainers, designers, documentation authors, testers and other participants involved in the project.

Using the sponsorship system, any GitHub user can monthly transfer fixed amounts to open source developers who have registered with the service as members willing to receive financial support (the number of participants is limited at the time the service is tested). Sponsored members can define support levels and associated sponsor privileges, such as exceptional bug fixes. The possibility of organizing financing not only individual participants, but also the groups of developers involved in the work on the project is being considered.

Unlike other co-financing sites, GitHub does not charge fees, and the first year will cover the costs of processing payments. In the future, the introduction of fees for processing payments is not excluded. To support the service, a special fund called GitHub Sponsors Matching Fund has been created, which will deal with the distribution of financial flows.