Bytecoin introduces public testnet

Private cryptocurrency project, Bytecoin is going to release its public testnet on July 10 as 3rd and 4th quarters of 2018 promise to be the platform launch dates
19 May 2018   1675

Bytecoin along with its Bytecoin network will become available for users to test them out via the public testnet. The release is scheduled for July 10. The development team states that 'big plans' are kept for the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2018.

After the release of the stable API, it seems the progress was stalled for a bit: according to the blog post, the hard fork procedure is delayed as Bytecoin Network suffered from severe lags on May 8–10 and the dev team is trying to make the hard fork more secure and stable. With the public testnet, the Bytecoin community will be able to see the real life operation of the 'hard-forked' platform. Moreover, P2P protocol won't have to undergo any additional update process once the hard fork is complete.

It’s very important for us to know your thoughts and ideas about the new releases as that will be act as a direct bridge between the community and the development team.


Yours truly, Jenny and the Dev Team

Excerpt from Bytecoin Roadmap announcement

Regarding the market parameters of Bytecoin at the moment of publication, they are as follows:

Average price USD 0.009004
Market cap USD 1,655,663,465
Volume (24H) USD 18,687,800

Bittrex to Go For Maintenance After 1/3 Funds Moved

Users suspects hack, but exchange says "funds are safe"
05 December 2019   95

The Bittrex cryptocurrency exchange has announced scheduled maintenance today, December 5, from 22:00 to 23:00 (GMT). On the eve, a third of its assets were transferred to an unknown wallet.

During maintenance, users will not be able to log into the system or use the APIs. Trading will be suspended.

On December the 4th, populat Twitter account posted that "43,564 #BTC (313,074,134 USD) transferred from Bittrex to unknown wallet." Users suspected that the exchange was hacked, but the exchange . 

Closures for scheduled maintenance only heightened suspicion. However, the Bittrex team assures that "that claim is false."