C# 8 features overview

Project manager of C# at Microsoft talks about the most interesting features of upcoming release
22 August 2017   875

C # is an object-oriented programming language. Developed in 1998-2001 by a group of engineers led by Anders Heilesberg at Microsoft as the application development language for the Microsoft .NET Framework and subsequently standardized as ECMA-334 and ISO / IEC 23270.

At the moment, there is 7th version of this language available, released in March 2017. 

At this video, Mads Torgersen, a project manager of C# will get you familiar with the most intersting features of 8th version of this programming language. You will learn about:

  • Nullable reference types
  • Async Streams
  • Default Interface Implementations
  • Extension Everything


.NET Core July Update Relased

In this month' update, Microsoft focused on security issues solving
11 July 2018   99

Microsoft has posted an open version of the .NET Core update. It covers .NET Core 1.0.12, .NET Core 1.1.9, .NET Core 2.0.9, and .NET Core 2.1.2.

Key changes in .NET Core

Microsoft focused on solving security problems. Fixed some vulnerabilities in ASP.NET Core. Fixed a bug when interrupting an incorrect request, allowing an attacker to implement a denial-of-service attack. In addition, the company has compiled a guide for developers, in whose products this vulnerability is present.

Fixed an error that allowed to produce an infinite number of authorization attempts. Vulnerability made the product unstable to brute force. Now the application will count the number of authentication attempts.

In ASP.NET Core, a bug in the processing of certificates has been fixed, which made it possible to present data with an expired term on demand.

Download is available at Microsoft website.

NET Core 2.1 came out in late May 2018, and Microsoft regularly updates this platform.