Canadian Bitcoin Office Attacked by Armed Robbers

Three armed males were trying to find cash at popular Canadian exchange's office
25 January 2018   1890

Three armed robbers rushed into the office of the bitcoin-exchange Canadian Bitcoin in the capital of Canada and tied four employees of the site, according to the Ottawa Police Department.

As it turned out, there was another person in the office at the time - he called the police. Arriving at the place of the guards of the order detained one of the suspects, two more are currently on the wanted list. To steal something the attackers did not have time.

A number of charges were brought against the 19-year-old detainee, including "attempted robbery with the use of firearms" and "illegal detainment of a person". The names of the suspects were not disclosed, but in the police report they are described as "black males". As CBC notes in Facebook, the robbers hoped to find cash in the office.

The police refused to disclose the name of the attacked exchange, but in the immediate vicinity of the scene is the office site of the Canadian Bitcoins. Subsequently, the representative of the company confirmed this information.

Lightning Desktop App to be Launched in BTC Mainnet

The application, which is based on the lightweight Neutrino client, is available for the macOS, Windows and Linux, however, it's oriented fro test environment
24 April 2019   104

Lightning Labs, a leading developer of solutions for the Lightning Network, announced the launch of its desktop wallet in the main Bitcoin network. An application that was previously tested in a test network is available in the alpha version.

The application, which is based on the lightweight Neutrino client, is available for the operating systems macOS, Windows and Linux, however, as the developers emphasize, is still oriented primarily to the test environment. At the same time, more advanced users can also experiment with the wallet interface and get access to their funds.

Lightning App Desktop Version Screenshot
Lightning App Desktop Version Screenshot

The Neutrino client allows non-custodial Lightning wallets to verify Bitcoin transactions without the need to synchronize with the full version of the blockchain.

The new release includes such a function as displaying a single balance, which will allow users to see the cumulative number of coins both in the network base and in the payment channels by percentage.