Canadian Blockchain Startup Expands Into Wyoming

Nova Scotia-based blockchain startup BlockCrushr has chosen Wyoming for its new corporate subsidiary
12 February 2018   312

The startup chose this state due to the state’s openness to both the technology and cryptocurrencies. The state legislature suggests the startup is confident about the prospects of the policy.

The state is currently working on several blockchain-related proposed policies, including Bill HB0070. This bill supports a digital coin issued on an open blockchain that’s not subject to securities and money transmission regulations as long as it meets a set of the following criteria:

  • digital tokens are not marketed to the public as investments

  • token users  can exchange it for goods or services

  • there are no repurchase agreements involved

  • the token issuer must not be a broker-dealer or in any way deal in securities

This bill was introduced in January and sponsored by a trio of lawmakers. Policymakers are looking to enact the bill in July 2018.

Bill HB0070 would be a blessing to BlockCrushr Wyoming. The startup is in the process of being incorporated and is located in Cheyenne-based coworking space The Second Floor @ the Paramount.

Wyoming is one of the best places in the U.S. to do business. Between low startup costs, the most business-friendly tax system in the country, and lawmakers who are focused on supporting and fostering the growth of innovative business and technology, Wyoming just makes sense.

Scott Burke

BlockCrushr Labs chief

Andreessen Horowitz to Launch Crypto Investment Fund

Two new job openings by Andreessen Horowitz confirms the information about possible launch separate crypto investment fund
24 April 2018   31

One of the most influential venture capital companies of Silicon Valley intends to open its own fund, entirely dedicated to work with cryptocurrencies. This is repoted by Recode.

Rumors about the possible creation of a new division of Andreessen Horowitz have been on the web for quite some time, which is not surprising, as the company, also known as A16z, previously invested in Coinbase, and CryptoKitties, and its founder Mark Andrissen is a big supporter of cryptocurrency .

Two new job openings by Andreessen Horowitz confirms the information that had spread earlier.

Currently, the venture company is looking for a "Manager for financial and operational activities, Cryptoactive" and "Legal Support Specialist, Cryptoactive". Both vacancies indicate that the company hires employees for an "individually managed fund that focuses on crypto assets."

The Legal Counsel will monitor "compliance with all necessary SEC requirements" and "manage the compliance of the firm / fund activities with all SEC requirements / other requirements", and the operational manager will among other things evaluate the crypto-currency assets.