Cardano entered the TOP-10 by market capitalization

November 29 Cardano moved Monero from TOP-10 and rating to the 9th place
29 November 2017   1002

Weighted average ADA rate, cryptocurrency of the blockchain Cardano, for the last 24 hours increased by 170% to $ 0.146. At the same time, the ADA capitalization has sharply increased. At the moment it is estimated at $ 3.798 billion, and according to this indicator, the cryptocurrency has risen in the Coinmarketcap rating to the 9th place. It displaced the first ten Monero.

Such a rapid growth of the coin is associated with the expectation of the publication of an updated road map of the project. Probably, this will happen before the end of this week. In addition, among the latest news, coinciding with the rapid growth of the ADA, was the addition of the Bittrex Exchange ADA / ETH.

The working version of the blockchain Cardano was launched in October. Earlier, the project, led by Charles Hoskinson from the Hong Kong company IOHK, held several ICOs, having managed to attract more than 100,000 BTC. Significant investment came from Japan, China and South Korea.

Cardano to hold a meetup in London

Cardano London Blockchain Meetup will take place on June 11 to study POs protocols on the Ouroboros blockchain
29 May 2018   493

Cardano is organizing a meetup on June 11 at University College London. The event will be dedicated to the Ouroboros Proof-of-Stake protocol - Cardano's settlement layer. Featured speaker at the venue is going to be Prof. Aggelos Kiayias. He is the original designer of the aforementioned protocol.

Professor will introduce the ongoing researches under his supervision within IOHK. Those studies concern stake pools, delegation mechanisms, sidechains, blockchain software updates, etc. The agenda for the meetup is as follows:

6:30 pm Attendees arrival
6.45 pm Cardano Foundation introduction
6:50 pm Prof. Aggelos Ouroboros presentation
8:45 pm Drinks at the nearby Jeremy Bentham pub

More details can be found here. At the moment of publication, Cardano market parameters are as follows:

Average price 0.193796 USD
Market cap 5,024,562,562 USD
Volume (24H) 124,773,000 USD