CBOE to File New Bitcoin ETF License Application

The proposal only will trade with SolidX Bitcoin Shares, and each share will be worth 25 Bitcoin
09 July 2018   600

The CBOE Global Markets sent an application to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the opening of another bitcoin ETF, which intends to trade in SolidX shares. This is reported by BitcoinExchangeGuide.

The SEC requested comments on the application on June 26. It is assumed that the price of one share of SolidX will be 25 BTC. Nevertheless, even if the CBOE receives a positive response, the bitcoin-ETF will not be launched before the first quarter of 2019.

As reported, in the past, the SEC has repeatedly rejected applications for the launch of Bitcoin ETF, but this time the application was filed after several recent statements by the Commission that it does not plan to classify Bitcoin and Ethereum as securities.

In this regard, and in the light of more liberal legislation on crypto-currencies in countries like Malta, the Commission may reflect on making the US market more competitive.

In July 2016, SolidX Partners Inc filed its own application for the launch of ETF based on bitcoin. It was assumed that the fund will be traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), but in March 2017, the SEC finally rejected it.

Bitfinex to List BCH' Chain Split Tokens

Bitfinex warned that support for BAB and BSV could be temporary
14 November 2018   56

The Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has listed the so-called Chain Split tokens for the two implementations of the Bitcoin Cash protocol. Bitcoin Cash hardfork is planned on 15th of November.

BAB [Bitcoin ABC client] and BSV [Bitcoin SV client] tokens will be traded in pairs with Bitcoin and the US dollar. The Token Manager tool will allow users to convert their Bitcoin Cash into one of the tokens. This process is reversible, Bitfinex emphasized. At the same time, marginal trade in tokens will be unavailable.

After snapshot of the network, the corresponding coins will be automatically converted into BAB and BSV onchain tokens, and all current Bitcoin Cash holders will receive an equivalent number of coins. However, if the user has a short BCH position at the time of the snapshot, the margin will be canceled, and the borrower, if he does not have enough tokens, will have to cover the negative balance sheets until December 31.

Bitfinex also warned that support for BAB and BSV could be temporary, and that as soon as all negative balances were covered, the exchange could delist them, allowing limited time for withdrawal.