Charles Hoskinson Lost $2B in 2 Months

CEO of the Hong Kong blockchain company IOHK tries to stay calm
19 March 2018   1224

CEO of the Hong Kong blockchain company IOHK Charles Hoskinson, who is co-founder of Ethereum and the creator of Cardano, said that over the past two months he lost $ 2 billion due to the collapse of the crypto-currency market.

Charles Hoskinson Twitter
Charles Hoskinson Twitter

Hoskinson also commented on the general situation on the market, which, in his own words, he does extremely rarely.

He is convinced that inexperienced retail investors panic sell their assets due to the fear of tight state regulation, and big players in the meantime earn huge fortunes.

I rarely comment on price, but I will say this about the market. The price collapse you are seeing across all crypto is coming from fear over a regulatory crackdown, whales taking massive profits, thin markets, and inexperienced retail investors. No one can change or stop this.

Charles Hoskinson

Earlier the price of bitcoin updated the monthly minimum and today, on March 18, continued the rapid decline.

MyEtherWallet to Roll Out MEW Connect

The application provides a secure login to user accounts
19 September 2018   282

Developers of the popular wallet MyEtherWallet presented the final version of the mobile application MEW Connect.

The application provides a secure login to user accounts. With MEW Connect, users do not need to enter a private key to open a wallet. Instead of using a private key, the introduction of which may pose a security risk, the user reads a special QR code.

Kosala Hemachandra, MyEtherWallet founder in talk with TechCrunch said that he he hopes beta users will comb through the code and help find issues with the app before its wider release.

The app is available for both iOs and Android. service is visited daily by about 600 thousand users.

Recall, the beta version of MEW Connect was introduced in July.