Charlie Lee proposed to change Litecoin accounting units

Founder of Litecoin proposed to change mLTC to "Lite" and get rid of μLTC 
16 July 2017   2141

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Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, made an interesting proposal. His idea is to change the usual system of cryptocurrencies accounting units to a more understandable and simple one.

He had his thoughts published on the Reddit, saying that growth of Litecoin gave him such idea. 

According to him, such accounting units as mLTC (milli-litecoin) and μLTC (micro-lightcoin) is an exponential representation of numbers that does not fit the general public.

Therefore, he suggests using the term "Lite" instead of mLTC and completely discarding the use of μLTC in the client.

As the marketcap of Litecoin grows and each litecoin becomes more and more expensive, I think we need a smaller unit of accounting. Humans are not used to seeing prices with more than 2 decimal places. As we see, Bitcoin has had trouble switching to a smaller unit of accounting. And we will have trouble also in the future when both the community and adoption are much larger.

I think that we should decide on a smaller unit of accounting now. mLTC and μLTC are scientific notations and not suitable for the general public.

My proposal is to use the term "lite" to replace mLTC and get rid of μLTC in the reference client. So 1 LTC equals 1000 lites and 1 lite is worth about $0.04 right now. People will use lites to measure litecoins, but exchanges will still trade in LTC.

Charlie Lee
Litecoin Founder


Distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks.

The post caused a stormy discussion, and although many of Charlie Lee's offers people liked, alternative versions of the new accounting system also sounded.

For example, one of the commentators with nickname "sh4ms" proposed to use "1 LTC = 100 lites is better! because: 1 EUR = 100 Cents 1 USD = 100 Cents ..."

Also, don't forget that MIT is going to launch mysterious Litecoin project in 15 days.

Charlie Lee to Join Sun at Dinner With Buffet

TRON founder sent out invitations to meet with Buffett to several famous personalities from the world of crypto and Charlie agreed to meet
17 June 2019   259

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is likely to join Justin San's meeting with billionaire and legendary investor Warren Buffet.

Sun sent out invitations to meet with Buffett to several famous personalities from the world of cryptocurrencies. Charlie Lee was among those who agreed to participate in the tenth Power of One charity dinner. In the invitation tweet, the founder of TRON described the creator of Litecoin as a good friend.

Lee thanked Justin and said that he was excited about the opportunity to meet with the legend of the world of traditional finance.

One commentator expressed the opinion that the head of Morgan Creek Digital, Anthony Pompiano, should certainly join the charity dinner.

Justin San will meet with Warren Buffett on July 25 in San Francisco. For this, the founder of the TRON Foundation paid $ 4.5 million.