Chicago to Host Blockchain Event

On February 22 blockchain ethusiasts of Chicago will gather to show the world the advantages of blockchain technology
22 February 2018   291

Chicago is hosting a blockchain conference on February 22, 2018 in order to show the world the advantages of blockchain technology. The event will focus on business and society, and then the focus will shift to cryptoassets as the night progresses.

Chicago Blockchain Project is one of the largest blockchain and crypto communities in Chicago. Its founders Hannah Rosenberg & Joe Hernandez (Disruption Joe) run two of the largest meetups in the city. They have established a record of consistency and trust through their efforts to educate the community. They are now working together to continue their part in building Chicago as the blockchain center of the world.

Chicago Blockchain EventBlockchain in Chicago countdown at the moment of press

Location: Venue 610, 610 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60605, USA
Date: 5PM - 10PM, February 22, 2018
Ticket Price: regular $69, at the door $89

The agenda includes such topics as Building Apps Without Code, Women Driving Chicago’s Blockchain Ecosystem, How to not get owned by hackers, Elevating Chicago as a Hub for Blockchain, and much more.

The headline speakers are Kim Parnell, CEO & Cofounder at Blank, Holly Glowaty from Fintech Women, Hannah Rosenberg from Velas Commerce, Danny Johnson from Pink Coin, David Carman from Fintank, and others.

SEC to Start Crypto Hedge Funds Check

To date, the regulator has identified at least 100 funds working with crypto-currencies
23 March 2018   10

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is preparing to check about 100 hedge funds that work with crypto-currencies. The Wall Street Journal writes about this with reference to a source familiar with the situation.

The initiative followed the announcement of the verification of dozens of crypto-currency start-ups suspected of spreading securities under the guise of digital tokens.

Although the agency will pay attention to various violations during its audit, the main task is to inform the market participants about the policies that the regulator adheres to the crypto currency, the source said.

The audit will begin within 2 months, the source said. The Commission will pay attention to whether the assets that buy hedge funds match those that they offer to their investors. The SEC will also check how hedge funds inform investors about the risks and how their documents describe the trading strategy for crypto-currencies and tokens. To date, the regulator has identified at least 100 funds working with crypto-currencies.

The SEC directly regulates hedge funds under the control of which there are assets worth more than $ 150 million, and smaller companies check periodically. In 2017, 84 crypto-currency hedge funds were launched.