Chilean Court to Order to Restore the Orionx Account

Chilean Court to Order to Restore the Orionx Account
16 July 2018   1111

The fourth chamber of the Court of Appeal of Santiago, Chile, ordered the state Banco Estado to restore the account of the crypto exchange Orionx. This is reported by

The court ruled that the decision to close the account was a violation of the right to equality before the law, prescribed in the Political Constitution of Chile (Article 19, paragraph 2).

According to local media, Banco Estado can not prove the involvement of Orionx in money laundering, and the closure of the account violated the terms of the contract.

In early April, Chilean banks Itau Corpbanca, Bank of Nova Scotia and Banco del Estado de Chile blocked the accounts of crypto exchanges Buda, Crypto MKT and Orionx.

Chilean court for the protection of free competition (TDLC) rejected the appeal of the country's largest banks and left the April decision to restore the accounts of Cryptomkt and Buda in effect for the duration of the investigation.

Nasdaq to Launch Index, Based on 100 Crypto Assets

Neural network, considering 200 different factors, helped to create the list of the assets tracked by the CIX100 index
16 October 2019   112

Nasdaq, the world's second largest stock exchange, has added the CIX100 index based on 100 crypto assets, reports CoinTelegraph.

When building a basket of hundreds of leading digital assets, the tool from uses neural network algorithms that take into account more than 200 different factors. Such a comprehensive analysis allows, in particular, to exclude coins with fake volumes.

It is also known that the index draws data on transactions on the nine largest bitcoin exchanges, and also analyzes information from social networks and the media. Only those coins that last in the top 200 for at least three months can become components of the CIX100. The composition of the index will be reviewed monthly.

According to the developers, the index will be useful for both newcomers to the industry and professionals.