China Bitcoin OTC trade rises in popularity

China Bitcoin OTC: 100m USD traded over 3 platforms in a fortnight
01 November 2017   770

Right before the exit of most Bitcoin exchanges in China, issues a report on OTC trade against CNY.

According to the survey, over 680 million yuan worth of trading are observed on 3 platforms in 2 weeks. The report disclose statistics concerning volume, etc. Surprisingly, Coincola, a HK-based OTC platform, accounts for 70% of the trading volume, overtaking Localbitcoins and Paxful. The following text translation is provided by

At present, there are 4 OTC platforms that domestic users used most frequently (all located abroad): LocalBitcoins, Paxful, CoinCola and BitcoinWorld.  As the researchers note, the popularity of these platforms has increased significantly over the past year. In particular, a high level of anonymity and a wide range of payment systems make OTC trading more attractive for users.

The scale of BTC-CNY OTC is shown in Figure 1 (data from LocalBitcoin and Paxful). The OTC trade volume before February 2017 is relatively small. After the exchange banned Bitcoin withdrawal in early February, the trading volume grew exponentially. Then the volume dropped as exchange allowed withdrawal after June 2017. With the ICO ban and policy change in early September, OTC transactions once again prosper.

Fig.1 BTC-CNY Daily Trading Volume
Fig. 1 BTC-CNY Daily Trading Volume

From the data of LocalBitcoin and Paxful, the ratio of BTC-CNY volume rose from 5% to 20% among the total volume, which is shown in Figure 2.

Fig. 2 BTC-CNY OTC trading volume
Fig. 2 BTC-CNY OTC trading volume

Thus, the volume of exchange trading is in opposite trending with OTC trading as shown in Figure 3. Current BTC-CNY P2P trading volume is only about 1/100 of the amount of earlier phase.

Fig. 3 BTC-CNY exchange trade volume
Fig. 3 BTC-CNY exchange trade volume

By analyzing the BTC-CNY transaction data of LocalBitcoins, Paxful and CoinCola in the past two weeks, the total transaction volume of the three platforms was 680 million yuan, of which the Hongkong-based CoinCola increased significantly, accounting for up to 70%. The chart below shows the comparison of the turnover of the three platforms in the past two weeks.

Fig. 4 Trading volume of OTC Platforms
Fig. 4 Trading volume of OTC Platforms

Thus, the report shows that the OTC trading is growing day by day with further development of Bitcoin. 

2k Confiscated BTC Created Issue for Finland Authorities

Authorities of Finland had faced bureaucratic problems while trying to handle seized crypto coins
20 February 2018   6

Finland is trying to solve confiscated Bitcoin storing issue. This is reported by Bloomberg.

The crux of the problem is that authorities handling the coins won’t be able to store them on virtual currency exchanges due to bureaucratic problems. They have to store them offline. This is said in the documents, seen by the Bloomberg.

Most of the coins have been confiscated in raids conducted since 2016. There is no info how the coins were stored until now.

The official guidelines states that Finland authorities can’t treat Bitcoin or its crypto competitors like a currency. It’s an asset that, as a rule, can’t be used or accepted as a means of payment or as an investment, according to the Treasury document.

Cryptocurrencies seized by the Finnish state can be converted into euros after a court ruling on their appropriation has become binding. The sales should primarily take place via public auctions rather than commercial exchanges, which can be untrustworthy and opaque, the Treasury said.

Finnish state can convert seized crypto to euros only after a court ruling on their appropriation has become binding. The sales should primarily take place via public auctions rather than commercial exchanges the Treasury said.