China exchanges shutdown is just rumours?

Some cryptocurrency enthusiasts speculate that the China exchanges shutdown might be just a conjecture
08 September 2017   1347

Nowadays, China's cryptocurrency exchanges shutdown is a real hot potato. It is believed that the regulators are seeking a shutdown of exchanges as a part of the ICO ban imposed earlier this week. Due to this news, Bitcoin and other top ten cryptcoins are falling down.

However, some cryptocurrency enthusiasts, such as Charlie Lee and Samson Mow, speculate that the China exchanges shutdown might be just a conjecture.

Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream and CEO of Pixelmatic, supports his statement saying that "PBOC [The People's Bank of China] isn't exactly shy about making official announcements", so if the news were correct, the community would know it from the firsthand.

Would you believe news on CNN saying Bitcoin is banned in the US without any statement or source from the SEC or CFTC? or NYDFS?

Samson Mow
CSO of Blockstream and CEO of Pixelmatic

The man concludes claiming that real or not, he doubts "anyone wants to go down in history as the person who tried to ban Bitcoin".

Whether the news is true or false, remains to be seen. 

Cardano Hardfork to be Announced

During the upgrade, aimed to update the Cardano consensus algorithm, the Ouroboros Bizantine Fault-Tolerant protocol will be implemented
21 January 2020   97

The head of the blockchain company IOHK, Charles Hoskinson, spoke about plans to hold Cardano hard fork in mid-February. He said this during a stream on YouTube.

Hardfork aims to update the Cardano consensus algorithm. During the upgrade, the Ouroboros Bizantine Fault-Tolerant (OBFT) protocol will be implemented.

What changes will occur after the implementation of OBFT, the head of IOHK did not explain. At the same time, he noted that the integration of Ledger hardware wallets with Daedalus wallet software will soon be implemented.

At this stage, the project is negotiating with exchanges, as well as checking the readiness of the infrastructure. Nevertheless, according to Hoskinson, "everything is going well" and they do not plan to postpone the hard fork.