China’s Researchers Created Rating of Blockchain Projects 

The CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released blockchain technology evaluation index 
17 May 2018   1330

The CCID Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released on May 17 the first global blockchain technology evaluation index. 

The CCID is part of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, a state agency of China. The CCID bridges the government, business, and experts to provide research, evaluation certification, and other professional services.

The CCID aims to provide a list of projects that researchers can evaluate as they seek to build out their own blockchain applications. The CCID stated that intention was to scientifically evaluate the development level of blockchain technologies. 

The evaluation mainly focuses on the basic technical level, application level and innovation ability of the technology. According to the report, Ethereum's technology ranked first with the second after Steam technology index of 80.3. NEO which aim is to use smart contracts to automate the management of digital assets is ranked first in application assessment. The first place in the innovation power index is Bitcoin, which pioneered the application of blockchain technology.

CCID rating of blockchainThe CCID rating

It is reported that the index will be issued periodically on a monthly basis. The index will help to fully grasp the status quo of global blockchain technology development, timely track the direction of innovation and help to promote the technology.

GRAM May be Traded at Liquid at Triple ICO Price

Bloomberg says that Telegram tokens, that may appear at Liquid will be sold by Gram Asia at $4 per token, but there's no official info from Telegram
04 July 2019   830

Even before the official public release of the cryptocurrency of the messenger, Telegram can increase in price by 200% relative to its value during the initial offer of coins. It is reported by Bloomberg.

As previously reported, Telegram tokens may appear on the Liquid Bitcoin Exchange already on July 10. The distributor is Gram Asia, which calls itself the largest holder of GRAM tokens in Asia. It intends to put up for sale rights to cryptocurrency at $ 4 per unit.

At the same time, one of the investors said to the publication that at the time of purchase the price of 1 Gram was $ 1.33.

It is worth noting, however, that after the announcement of the public sale of Telegram tokens to Liquid, the media reported that this intention had nothing to do with the official plans of Telegram.

Then one of Telegram's investors stated that no one has the right to sell tokens before their official launch in accordance with the signed agreement. Moreover, representatives of the popular messenger noted that they first heard about Gram Asia.

Later, CEO Liquid Mike Kayamora admitted that Telegram has no relation to the placement on Liquid: the deal was concluded exclusively between the exchange and Gram Asia, which allegedly is an incubator for the TON project.

The Block's leading analyst Larry Chermak on several tweets expressed skepticism about the announced Telegram tokenale based on the Liquid stock exchange, saying that he would “think twice before making a decision to invest.”