Chinese Baidu Launches New CryptoKitties-like Service

Baidu, considered China's Google, has launched a new CryptoKitties-like service as part of its wider work with blockchain
05 February 2018   739

China's search engine giant Baidu has launched a new CryptoKitties-like service called Leci Gou. The service is based on the digital adoption and trade of puppies, the transactions for which are recorded on a blockchain. It is not yet clear whether Baidu is using a public network or its own internal one.

Leci Gou Leci Gou web-site

The service proposes various digital puppies with different designs and prices, with each ranked by their scarcity. Baidu users are able to adopt one crypto-dog and receive 1000 points for free on the marketplace, which can be further used to trade with other owners.

Leci Gou Leci Gou web-site

The website details that the service was developed by Baidu's in-house blockchain team, which is also a member of the Linux Foundation-led Hyperledger consortium.

Baidu also said the project is available for public use but is still being tested and further developed.

The Baidu project is similar to CryptoKitties, the ethereum-based digital pet initiative, that went viral late last year and led to a deluge of transactions on that public network amid swelling interest. It also sparked a range of copycat projects hoping to piggyback on the CryptoKitties craze.

Former SpaceX Engineer to Launch Crypto Exchange

Earlier CEO of LXDX Joshua Greenwald worked as the engineer on automation and propulsion systems at SpaceX
18 September 2018   92

The supplier of exchange technologies and services LXDX launches a new trading platform for digital assets. This is reported by the publication LeapRate with reference to the company's CEO Joshua Greenwald.

He said that the new platform will make institutional trade instruments available to a wide range of crypto traders.

Our immediate focus is on cryptocurrency and enabling every investor to utilize the exclusive tools, like smart order routing, that only institutions previously could access. When we built top tier infrastructure for traditional markets, our team solved many of the same problems facing cryptocurrency exchanges today. We are excited to bring a higher caliber of technology to cryptocurrency investors everywhere.

Joshua Greenwald


The site will fully meet the requirements of KYC / AML.

Earlier Joshua Greenwald worked as the engineer on automation and propulsion systems at SpaceX. His startup received support from large investors, one of which was the venture fund Dymon Asia. In September, LXDX moved to Malta.