Chinese crypto exchanges will be closed before 1.10

Ethereum Classic China laid out one of the documents, which, presumably, contains an appropriate order
15 September 2017   583

According to incoming reports, all the existing crypto-exchange markets in China will be closed until the end of this month.

At the time of publication of official statements by the regulatory authorities of China was not received, but Twitter-account Ethereum Classic China (@ETCChina) laid out one of the documents, which, presumably, contains an appropriate order.

In addition, the Washington Post reporter Luna Lin wrote that until the end of today the stock exchanges OKCoin and Huobi will have to decide on the timing of the termination of exchange trading. Originally, Luna Lin published a tweet saying that OKCoin and Huobi were ordered to stop trading until the end of today, but then clarified that "decide by the end of today when they would stop trading."

Luna Lin added that the information is confirmed by the Chinese edition of Security News and also published a copy of the document that ETCChina previously laid out. The ETCC added a few details:

  1. All exchanges must submit a plan by September 20, according to which the users' funds will be withdrawn
  2. Also, by the specified date, exchanges must have a bank account on which users' funds will be stored
  3. Until 24:00 on September 15, exchanges must make statements in which the date of termination of trading will be indicated. Also from today, registration of new users should be stopped.

Also, a statement from yunbi released. It will close trading services on Sept. 20th.

Earlier today, the ViaBTC exchange announced its closure on September 30. On Thursday, a similar decision was made by the BTCC, one of the largest cryptoexcnhe in China.  

DROXNE to Release Roadmap

Droxne has announced that it is working on the white paper and roadmap, which will be released on February 20, 2018
20 February 2018   202

Droxne is a peer-to-peer crytpocurrency gaming platform which uses DRXNE as its ingame currency. DRXNE is a decentralized and open-source cross platform cryptocurrency dedicated to enhancing the gaming experience on the blockchain for all users.

Droxne has announced that its team is working on the white paper, roadmap, ecosystem website and a new platform work stream. Droxne plans to release the full version of its roadmap on February 20, 2018.

DROXNE roadmap release announcementDROXNE Roadmap Release Announcement

The other future development plans of Droxne include building new Droxne website, integrating APIs to show DXRNE price, PoS difficulty, sharing count on website homepage. Moreover, it strives to build a developer fund to facilitate payment of bounties – initially community donations, long term explore funding with portion of staking income.

At the moment of press, these are main market parameters of DROXNE:

Average price: $0,015766
Market cap: $1 057 791
24h volume: $3 330