Chinese Handymen Can Falsify ICO for $600

ICO falsification specialists propose wide range of services - from whitepaper writing to the "team" providing
14 February 2018   1092

Six months after the China ICO ban, professional copywriters continue to operate in the country, which are ready to compose white paper and provide related services that completely fabricate a tokensale campaign. This is reported by CoinDesk.

The People's Bank of China imposed a ban on the ICO in September last year, however, searches for ICO, blockchain, white paper still return dozens of results with announcements of craftsmen posted on the Taobao platform.

Presumably, some of them may be associated with recent fraudulent campaigns that provided information that did not correspond to reality.

One of these services offers services for writing white paper for the ICO for $ 600, but this is not limited to its possibilities.

We can falsify the education and professional background of these ICO teams. Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Cambridge, Apple, Google, you name it. And we will ensure their profile pictures remain unsearchable on the internet.

Chinese ICO Falsifier

With such campaigns ICO participants had to face more than once. So, for example, the organizers of ICO Benebit, who stole several million dollars in crypto currency, used photos taken from the site of the British school for boys on their website. 

Binance to Conduct Unplanned BTT Airdrop

"One tester inadvertently clicked an airdrop button for BTT" as head of the exchnage reported
20 February 2019   101

Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange, inadvertently implemented BitTorrent airdrop. Because of this, the wallets of some users of the trading platform were replenished with BTT tokens.

While doing testing for , one tester inadvertently clicked an airdrop button for BTT, giving some BTT launchpad buyers extra BTT tokens. We are resolving the issue now. No other people are affected.

Changpeng Zhap

CEO, Binance

One commentator joked that getting some extra tokens is not a problem at all. The head of Binance answered him that this question is now being resolved and, most importantly, all means are safe. Another Twitter commentator joked that he inadvertently pressed the Sell button and sold BTT tokens very cheaply. 

Also today, Changpeng Zhao reminded that only one day remained before the launch of the test network of the decentralized Binance DEX exchange.