Chinese online marketing service to launch a blockchain accelerator

The initiative aims to spotlight most promising blockchain startups
27 February 2018   115

Chinese "eBay" is starting a new project that will help modern blockchain-oriented startups to gain publicity. AICA, or AI Catapult Accelerator already has its first members: CanYa, Bluzelle, Nuggets, Republic Protocol, Devery and Bankorus. In recent years, has gained a very positive reputation as a very eager promoter of the blockchain technology as it offers cost-effectiveness and improves overall customer satisfaction.

The most significant participant - CanYa, is a tokenized marketplace for P2P services that helps people find, book and pay for digital and home services. According to the deal of patronship, it will receive vast resources of PR, international business development and a wide range of global partners. The service will be translated into Chinese, offer a special widget for customers to employ local CanYa service providers.

CanYa held the second biggest ICO in Australia, community beta testing commencing next month and worldwide alpha release is planned for March, 2018. The start of the acceleration program is set also to March, 2018.

This is a validation of CanYa's business model and global disruptive potential. JD is one of the most significant technology companies in the world, to have their full support and backing is huge for our platform and the acceleration of blockchain technology.


JP Thorbjornsen


SEC to Start Crypto Hedge Funds Check

To date, the regulator has identified at least 100 funds working with crypto-currencies
23 March 2018   41

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is preparing to check about 100 hedge funds that work with crypto-currencies. The Wall Street Journal writes about this with reference to a source familiar with the situation.

The initiative followed the announcement of the verification of dozens of crypto-currency start-ups suspected of spreading securities under the guise of digital tokens.

Although the agency will pay attention to various violations during its audit, the main task is to inform the market participants about the policies that the regulator adheres to the crypto currency, the source said.

The audit will begin within 2 months, the source said. The Commission will pay attention to whether the assets that buy hedge funds match those that they offer to their investors. The SEC will also check how hedge funds inform investors about the risks and how their documents describe the trading strategy for crypto-currencies and tokens. To date, the regulator has identified at least 100 funds working with crypto-currencies.

The SEC directly regulates hedge funds under the control of which there are assets worth more than $ 150 million, and smaller companies check periodically. In 2017, 84 crypto-currency hedge funds were launched.