Chinese to Participate in Binance Launchpad Despite Ban

As reported, some "entrepreneurs" provide Chinese investors with “KYC-services” and even software, which, according to them, increases the speed of purchase.
27 February 2019   330

Fetch.AI tokensale, which took place on Monday, was attended by 2,758 investors from approximately 20,000 who wished. Many of them, despite the rules of the platform Binance Launchpad, were residents of China. This is reported by 8btc.

According to their information, some entrepreneurs provided Chinese investors with “KYC-services” and even software, which, according to them, increases the speed of purchase.

500 yuan ($75) for a valid KYC identity, which allows you to participate in all the following public sale projects on Binance.

One of the proposals on the web

After sending the documents received in this way, the investor needs to use the CrazyTalk application to change the face and synchronize lip movements during the verification phase.

Although this procedure carries a lot of risks, and the seller of the documents may try to contact the exchange support service to withdraw funds from an account that does not belong to him, offer is popular in China.

Before the start of the Fetch.AI crowdsale, a video was posted on Twitter, presumably showing a Chinese Internet cafe filled with people hired to buy FET tokens.

KuCoin to Unveil First Spotlight IEO Info

First initial exchange offering at Spotlight will be MultiVAC, "a high-throughput and flexible blockchain platform based on trusted sharding computing"
25 March 2019   58

Representatives of the KuCoin marketplace shared some details of the first tokensale on the Spotlight IEO platform.

Let's put our Spotlight on MultiVAC!

It's my pleasure to introduce the pioneering all-dimensional sharding and flexible blockchain to you: MultiVAC, which is also the first project of KuCoin Spotlight.

Michael Gan

CEO, Kucoin

He added that additional details about the first IEO project at KuCoin will appear soon.

As previously reported, a new exchange's token, KuCoin Shares (KCS), will be used to purchase the assets of new projects at Spotlight. To participate in the tokensale users will need to be verified.