Chrome 73 Released

Now the Android version of popular browser has Lite page mode that speeds up website download and reduces traffic consumption
13 March 2019   711

Google has released another update Chrome.

  • The Android application has Lite pages mode for optimizing pages, speeding up their loading and reducing traffic, as well as a new download manager.
  • Settings for account management and synchronization are collected in a separate section - Sync and Google services.
  • Improved video mode “picture in picture”. A floating window can now make web applications (PWA): chat rooms, instant messengers, video conferencing. And added the button "Skip advertising".
  • It is forbidden to load external resources in scripts provided by extensions. Extension developers now need to use background handlers.

The previous version was released in late January.

Pepermint OS 10 to be Released

The distribution kit is also notable for the Site Specific Browser framework, which allows operating with web applications as separate programs
20 May 2019   115

The Linux distribution of Peppermint 10, based on the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS package base, was released and offers a lightweight user environment based on the LXDE desktop, the Xfwm4 window manager and the Xfce panel that comes in place of Openbox and lxpanel. The distribution kit is also notable for the delivery for the Site Specific Browser framework, which allows you to work with web applications as separate programs. A set of X-Apps applications developed by the Linux Mint project (Xed text editor, Pix photo manager, Xplayer multimedia player, Xreader document viewer, Xviewer image viewer) are available from the repositories. The size of the installation iso-image 1.4 GB.

Peppermint 10 main changes:

  • Kernel 4.18.0-18 which is now on the rolling hwe-18.04 track so will eventually roll onto the 5.xx kernel automatically as the HWE is updated upstream.
  • Updated xorg stack, again via the rolling hwe-18.04 track.
  • Proprietary nvidia graphics drivers now installed automatically if “Install third party drivers/software” is selected as part of the installation routine, this includes automatic configuration of nvidia optimus setups up to the nvidia-390 drivers. If you intend to install the later 396/410/415/418/430 drivers from the ‘Proprietary GPU Drivers’ PPA it would probably be best not to select this option during install and add them manually post-install.
  • Ice (6.0.2) – Ice now has support for isolated profiles for Chromium, Chrome, and Vivaldi SSB’s (Firefox SSB’s are ALWAYS isolated).Firefox SSB’s now also have four bookmarks included by default making the addition of addons and other configuration changes on a per-SSB basis easier. There are also other ‘under the hood’ changes, such as ICE will now rebuild your SSB profiles should you accidentally delete their directories. Also a bug that was stopping Ctrl+Tab hidden tab navigation has been fixed, as has a bug that made it difficult to install addons in Firefox SSB’s because the “Allow” dialog flickered.
  • New GUI Font DPI Settings utility allowing adjustments to system font DPI (this also fixes a bug where the proprietary nvidia drivers sometimes displayed small fonts on the panel/menu in previous version).

Additional information can be found at official website.