Chrome 82 to be Skipped

Due to the employee's quarantine, the development of new features will be moved to the Chrome 83 branch
24 March 2020   168

Google has published new information about the suspension of the development of new releases of Chrome due to the temporary transfer of some employees to work at home due to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic. It was decided to completely skip the release of Chrome 82 and start immediately forming the Chrome 83 branch. Development of new features will be moved to the Chrome 83 branch. The trunk / master branch is planned to be maintained in a more or less stable state, avoiding risky changes that could lead to a decrease in stability.

The Chrome 81 branch will continue to be in beta testing until Chrome 83 is ready for beta testing, after which Chrome 81 will be released. In accordance with the previous plan, Chrome 82 was scheduled for release on April 28, and Chrome 83 on June 9. , but Google intends to adjust the schedule depending on the development progress of the Chrome 83 branch.

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Mozilla to Test Firefox Better Web Service

The main idea of ​​the project is a paid subscription to finance the creation of content, which allows website owners stop showing ads
25 March 2020   182

As part of the Test Pilot program, Mozilla invited Firefox users to test the new Firefox Better Web with Scroll service, which is experimenting with alternative types of site financing. Testing is available only to users of desktop versions of Firefox from the United States. A single Firefox account, also used for synchronization, is used to connect. To participate, you must install a special add-on in Firefox.

The main idea of ​​the project is to use a paid subscription to the service to finance the creation of content, which allows website owners to do without showing ads. The service is organized in conjunction with the Scroll project, developing a model similar to that implemented in the Brave browser - the user pays for a subscription to the service ($ 2.49 per month) and has the ability to view sites that have joined the Scroll initiative without advertising inserts. At least 40% of the funds received from users is distributed between the owners of partner sites, in a proportion corresponding to the time spent by users subscribed to the service on each site (data on how much time is spent on sites Scroll service collects using JavaScript code placed on partner sites).

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