Circle to Finish SeedInvest Acquisation Deal

Terms of transaction are not disclosed but it was completed after receiving the relevant permission from the Financial Institutions Regulatory Agency (FINRA)
05 March 2019   423

The issuer of USDC and the operator of the Bitcoin exchange Poloniex company Circle announced the completion of the purchase of the crowdfunding platform SeedInvest. As stated in the company's blog, the transaction, the terms of which are not disclosed, was completed after receiving the relevant permission from the Financial Institutions Regulatory Agency (FINRA).

As representatives of Circle stated, the acquisition of SeedInvest, one of the pioneers in the field of crowdfunding, was another step towards meeting the company's desire to create a more transparent and accessible to everyone global financial system.

As a crowdfunding pioneer in the United States, SeedInvest helped to shape the JOBS Act. Today they are at the forefront of enabling startups to raise capital directly from investors over the internet — creating new capital formation options for startups and growth companies, and giving average retail investors the opportunity to invest directly into innovative private companies.

Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire

For the first time, Circle’s intention to acquire SeedInvest became known in October last year. It is expected that Circle will give startups the opportunity to raise funds through a new platform by selling tokens. At the same time, SeedInvest "will continue to operate just as they do today, but with additional support behind the company."

 We believe that the tokenization of financial assets will ultimately unlock capital for growing companies and investment opportunities for people everywhere. Over time, more functions of private equity will be tokenized — including voting and governance, dividend payouts, and other economic features. Tokenization will also create new opportunities for businesses to build better relationships with their customers by leveraging tokens linked to ecosystem behaviors.

Sean Neville and Jeremy Allaire

SeedInvest was established in 2012. The company succeeded in its time to attract $ 11 million investment. During its existence, the company has helped other startups to raise funds totaling $ 120 million.

Poloniex to Bring Back the Trollbox

According to Poloniex owner, the "most frequent request has been, “BRING BACK THE TROLLBOX”, a general topic chat  
19 June 2019   180

Due to numerous requests from users, the Bitcoin exchange Poloniex activated a general chat, better known as Trollbox.

You’ve been asking for it and we’re excited to tell you IT’S HAPPENING: Trollbox is back! Poloniex’s Trollbox is the original forum for traders to talk all things crypto. Our legendary mods are ready to go, armed as always with the mighty Banhammer to maintain order.

Poloniex Team

From now on, traders can again communicate on a wide range of topics without leaving the stock exchange, and moderators will use the legendary ban-hammers in case of violation of the rules.