Circle launches its cryptotrading app in the US

Circle launches its mobile app to allow instant cryptocurrency trading with zero commission
15 March 2018   1196

Circle has long been hyping up in cryptocurrency markets with its promise of zero-fee trading platform. Now, they launch Circle Invest in US except for NY, MN, HI and WY and release an app to allow users to instantly buy and sell cryptocurrency without any fees. The app is already available in AppStore and Play Store.

The app itself isn't a full-fledged exchange tool, because it hides most of the stuff present on one – you can't take a look at the order book and you can't submit limit orders. For now the functionality is limited to fiat deposits and withdrawals and buying and selling cryptocurrency at market prices. Currently Circle Invest supports Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherium, Etherium Classic and Litecoin.

It seems awfully similar to Coinbase, you may say, and you would be right. The parallels are there, but there is also a crucial difference – Circle Invest lets you do all the same things, but for free.

For example, while fiat transfers to account are free on both platforms, on Coinbase you would pay 1.49 percent for exchanging USD to digital currency. On the other hand, Circle gives you an option to transfer up to $10,000 instantly, and anything above that sum takes several days to process, but after that you are free to change your USD to any presently supported crypto without any fees whatsoever.

Of course, on stock markets nothing comes truly free, and everyone knows that. The prices for buying and selling Bitcoin have a spread of about 1.5 to 2 percent between them, as stated by Circle.

The company is a hot topic in the news lately with the acquiring of Poloniex exchange, so we can expect a growing ecosystem around the app soon. That's the difference they promise to bring to the market. For example, Robinhood also provides zero-fee cryptocurrency trading, but they are only intermediaries between users and connected exchanges. In Circle's case, they plan to launch their own cryptoexchange, so the rumors about expansion to a full-stack blockchain company don't seems so far-fetched.

Eurex to Launch Crypto Futures

Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple futures will be launched by Eurex, world's biggest derivates exchanges, managed by Deutsche Borse
22 February 2019   132

The Eurex financial derivatives platform, managed by Deutsche Börse, the largest German stock exchange, is preparing to launch Bitcoin, Ethereum futures and Ripple XRP token futures. This is reported by The Block.

Eurex has been closely following the cryptocurrency market since 2017, exploring opportunities to launch cryptoactive assets futures. The company also recently held a series of meetings with various representatives of the industry. The exact timing of the launch of new products is still unknown.

Eurex is one of the world's leading derivatives exchanges. It was established in 1998 as a result of the merger of the Deutsche Terminbörse German Stock Exchange Derivatives and Swiss Options and Financial Futures.

There are a lot of various futures contracts on the exchange, which are derivative financial instruments from stocks, stock indices, bonds, volatility indices, credit and interest derivatives. Access to trading on the Eurex is provided from different points of the globe.

Additionally, Deutsche Börse is preparing the launch of a blockchain platform for securities based on Corda technology.