CME releases relevant Bitcoin futures details

Now the CME Bitcoin futures launch may be delayed
01 December 2017   1703

Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group Inc stated on their website that effective Q4 2017, and pending all relevant regulatory review periods, please be advised that Bitcoin futures will be launched. The relevant bit being about relevant regulatory review periods.

Right when all the rage about Bitcoin futures is taking place around the world, even NASDAQ has jumped on the bandwagon yesterday, promising their own futures to release in 2018, CME updated their site with new bit of info many will find disappointing. As of today, the page about upcoming CME Bitcoin futures received a red-highlighted note of launch being postponed pending regulatory review.

Miners and BTC traders all over the world wait for the CME to join the market. Founded more than a century ago, Chicago Merc right now is the largest futures exchange company. Their entrance in the BTC trading would have a severe impact on the system, providing the alternative to current trading platforms.

The delay is caused by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) demanding changes to some aspects of contracts as quoted from the CFTC spokesperson's, Ms Erica Elliott Richardson, interview. The concerns about bitcoin futures expressed by some market participants has played a large role in the ongoing closer examination, she revealed. Also, as said, the CFTC staff will be holding the stress testing and risk-monitoring activities once the contracts are launched.

All this information strongly contributes to the skeptics' doubt, that the launch will take place this year. Right now no further information about possible launch date is released by either CME themselves or other market participants.

Binance Android App to Support CC Payments

Additionally, crypto-fiat exchange Binance Singapore was launched
25 April 2019   61

Binance has updated the application for the Android OS. Now users can buy cryptocurrency using their credit cards.

In particular, the feature of buying Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash with your credit card is now available.

At the same time, the launch of the Binance Singapore crypto-fiat exchange took place. So far, only one trading pair is available to users of the site - BTC / SGD, but later in the listing other coins may appear.

Singapore users need not only to create an account, but also to link it to an account in the local Xfers payment service, which provides cryptowallet approved by local regulators.

It is noteworthy that earlier Xfers was a partner of Coinbase, when the latter launched its services in Singapore, but relations between the companies were terminated.