Coinbase to Add UK Pound Support for British Users

Earlier, in order to use GBP at Coinbase, users should convert cryptocurrencies in euros, and only then into pounds; it usually took several days
02 August 2018   620

The cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase added the possibility of input/withdrawal of the British pound (GBP).

As noted in the company's blog, thanks to cooperation with the service Faster Payments, customers from the UK can now carry out almost instant operations with GBP.

According to the head of Coinbase U.K. Zeeshan Feroz, the new system will replace the old, according to which customers had to convert cryptocurrencies in euros, and only then into pounds. It usually took several days.

Faster payments will benefit all UK customers, enabling almost immediate transfers. This is essential for Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime customers in particular who will now be able to transfer funds quickly. Coinbase, Coinbase Pro and Coinbase Prime GBP support is now live for some of our existing customers, and we will continue rolling this out to all UK customers in the coming weeks.

Zeeshan Feroz

CEO UK, Coinbase

Earlier, thanks to the partnership of Coinbase and the startup WeGift, customers of the American company will be able to convert cryptocurrencies into gift certificates. 

Coinbase US Customers Can Convert Crypto to Gift Cards

Coinbase customers received interesting proposal right before Christmas gifts purchase time
11 December 2018   69

The largest US cryptocurrency company Coinbase announced the expansion of partnership with a London startup WeGift.

Using the Coinbase wallet, American users can buy gift certificates from dozens of retailers, including Uber, Nike and Gap.

To do this, users need to visit the website of the WeGift service and associate it with the Coinbase wallet. As a bonus, when purchasing gift certificates, users do not have to pay a withdrawal fee.

Earlier, this opportunity from Coinbase and WeGift was available only in a few EU countries.