Coinbase Consider Buying Earn. com

Largest US cryptocurrency platform can be on the verge of its biggest purchase
23 March 2018   297

The largest US cryptocurrency platform Coinbase, which has already attracted venture investments worth more than $ 225 million, is in talks to acquire the Earn .com start-up, CoinDesk reports.

Earn .com appeared as a result of the rebranding of the startup 21 Inc and the launch of the same paid platform for messaging. According to one source, the minimum deal discussed is about $ 30 million. So, since its foundation in 2013, has raised more than $ 120 million in investments in several rounds.

However, it is noted that negotiations on the potential sale of are currently conducted immediately with several parties. One of the interlocutors of the publication also added that all applicants are "very famous" in the industry.

Earlier, Coinbase received a license to provide services in the UK and Europe and announced its intention to launch the index fund Coinbase Index Fund, which will allow US-accredited investors to work with all current and future assets in the listing of the GDAX exchange.

Cryptsy-Coinbase Lawsuit to Head to Jury Trial

In the case a former Cryptsy client claims that Coinbase had to prevent Paul Vernon (CEO of Cryptsy) from laundering stolen money through a wallet at Coinbase
24 April 2018   66

The appeal court of the US state of Georgia approved the lower court's decision to reject the appeal of Coinbase on the suit, according to which the company is accused of not being able to prevent Cryptsy CEO from hiding with the money of his clients. This is reported by CoinDesk.

In the case, plaintiff Brandon Leidel, a former Cryptsy client, claims that Coinbase had to prevent Paul Vernon (CEO of Cryptsy) from laundering money through a wallet at Coinbase.

Vernon used Coinbase to launder millions of dollars he stole from his clients before the collapse of Cryptsy.

Coinbase tried to negotiate the suit in an arbitration court, pointing to the custom agreements that Vernon signed when he started using the purse of the exchange. However, last year the judge ruled that the clients of Cryptsy are not bound by the same agreements as Vernon, and therefore - in this case it is not necessary to make an arbitration award.

Coinbase appealed to this decision, but the district court rejected it.

Leidel does not seek to enforce the terms of the User Agreements, nor does he allege any tort rooted in an allegation that Defendant breached or facilitated a breach of any obligation uniquely imposed by those agreements. In other words, Leidel's claims are viable, if at all, without reference to the User Agreements, as the duties Defendant allegedly breached were not imposed by those agreements.

The Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals

As a result, the case now turns into a jury trial in the form of a class action.

We are pleased, though not surprised, the appellate court affirmed the trial court's decision to keep this dispute in the public view ... We look forward to having Coinbase answer for its role in the millions of dollars in harm suffered by our clients; and we look forward to resolving these claims in court.

David Silver


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