Coinbase to Have Over 960k BTC in a Vault

The company does not have direct access to these funds, which are also insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
02 December 2019   176

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange stores about 966,230 BTC in cold wallets of its custodian service, whose capitalization is about $ 7.1 billion. The company does not have direct access to these funds.

Exchanges' Funds
Exchanges' Funds

The second place in terms of funds in the cold storage is held by the BitMEX exchange with 265,140 BTC ($ 1.94 billion). This is followed by the Bitstamp platform - 229,490 BTC ($ 1.67 billion), Bitfinex - 146,120 BTC, Kraken - 136,780 BTC, Bittrex - 131,340 BTC and Coincheck - 35,090 BTC.

Note that Coinbase cryptocurrency deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. However, any centralized management puts users ’assets at risk, experts recall.

Tether to Add a Half Of Billion Dollars

Acc. to data on the Tether website, the most of the USDT were issued on the ETH chain - $2.22B, another $28M is being prepared for release
11 December 2019   93

According to analysts at Trustnodes, Tether's stablecoin market supply (USDT) recently increased by half a billion dollars and now stands at almost $ 4.7 billion.

According to data on the Tether website, the most USDT stablecoins were issued on the Ethereum blockchain - $ 2.22 billion, another $ 28 million is being prepared for release.

Tether Stablecoins Tables

The stablecoins on the Omni protocol are slightly less - $ 1.75 billion. However, it is interesting that the volume of USDT on the basis of Tron is already approaching $ 1 billion. For comparison, in September the cost of stablecoins on the Tron blockchain was only $ 100 million, on Ethereum - $ 2 billion, and Omni - $ 2.5 billion

EOS-based tokenized dollar is much less popular - $ 5.2 million. Also, insignificant volume of stablecoin based on the euro is about 40 million coins, and the total value of Tether coins based on the renminbi is ¥ 23,533,468 (~ $ 3.3 million).

It is noteworthy that according to the CoinMarketCap service, since September Tether's capitalization has not changed and amounts to only $ 4.12 billion (and not $ 4.67 billion, as indicated on the company's website):

Tether Charts at Coinmarketcap
Tether Charts at Coinmarketcap

This may mean that approximately half a billion USDT have been released to the market in the past few days. 

Whale Alert @twitter
Whale Alert @twitter

As you can see, according to WhaleAlert, literally today, 200 million USDT went to the Binance exchange.