Coinbase joins Blockchain Common App Jobs initiative

The company will 18 other members like Sia, ZCash and OpenBazaar
02 March 2018   1355

Human resources on the market of blockchain platform is a hot topic lately. Yesterday, on March 1 Coinbase announced its participation in ProofOfWork's job application initiative called Blockchain Common App.

Excited to be part of Proof of Work Common App for those interested in working on open source digital currency protocols.


We are hiring full-time senior engineers to work directly on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Lightning and other protocols.

— Coinbase (@coinbase) March 1, 2018

The main driving point of this initiative is to simplify the process of submitting an application to numerous companies that deal with cryptocurrency and/or blockchain platform. So instead of going from one office to another, ProofOfWork decided to design an HR platform that includes key players on the market and that are always interested in acquiring a qualified specialist as quickly as possible. So, any person can visit the project's website, fill out a Google Form and upon finalization the application will automatically be distributed among the members of the initiative.

Other HR projects related to blockchain platform and cryptocurrency include Enterprise Ethereum Alliance with over 200 members that aims to address Ethereum's scalability and confidentiality issues, and R3 Blockchain Consortium's legal centre that is supposed to train lawyers specifically in the area of crypto and blockchain.

Coinbase Pro to List Stellar

As stated by the exchange, XLM trades will be conducted in pairs with US dollars, euros and bitcoins
14 March 2019   140

Leading US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro announced on Wednesday, March 13, the beginning of support for Stellar Lumens (XLM). XLM trades will be conducted in pairs with US dollars, euros and bitcoins.

According to the exchange, the possibility of making deposits is already available to users. A gradual start of trading will be launched approximately 12 hours after the announcement in accordance with the practice adopted by Coinbase.

At the same time, on the main platform and in mobile applications XLM is not yet available, but it can appear there in the nearest future.

Earlier this week, the Stellar Development Foundation introduced a new project logo, abandoning the “rocket” that has long been associated with this cryptocurrency