Coinbase Pro to List EOS, REP and MKR Tokens

EOS and Augur will be initially available in all Coinbase jurisdictions except of NY and Maker token will not be available to US residents
09 April 2019   1133

The leading US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro announced listing of three new assets: EOS, REP and MKR. For users of the main platform new assets are not yet available.

Deposits in all these three assets are already available and will be accepted for at least 12 hours before trading starts in a limited mode in order to accumulate sufficient liquidity.

Initially, trading will be available in the following pairs:

  • MKR / BTC, MKR / USDC.

EOS and Augur will be initially available in all Coinbase jurisdictions with the exception of New York State. At the same time, the Maker token will not be available to US residents.

In the future, additional trading pairs may be added for EOS, REP and MKR.

LocalEthereum to be LocalCryptos Now

Exchange's team believes they have advantages over LocalBitcoins, which "looks the same today as it did in 2012"
19 November 2019   116

LocalEthereum's P2P platform changed its name to LocalCryptos to support more cryptocurrencies, starting with bitcoin.

The possibility of buying / selling BTC has already been added, in the near future EOS, DASH and Litecoin (LTC), as well as Ethereum-based tokens are indicated.

According to the statement, the platform has more than 100 thousand users around the world.

With rebranding and the addition of bitcoin trading, the site competes with the popular P2P platform LocalBitcoins, and LocalCryptos believes that they have advantages. They include the non-custodian BTC escrow system and end-to-end message encryption.

Platforms like LocalBitcoins are centralized, custodial, and a far cry from private. These platforms are vulnerable to hacks and thefts like a centralized exchange.

LocalCryptos Team

Hackers have stolen several billion dollars from the past, and at least two incidents related to LocalBitcoins traders, the statement said.

LocalCryptos does not store user private keys and declares that it gives them full control over the funds.