Coinbase Pro to List Stellar

As stated by the exchange, XLM trades will be conducted in pairs with US dollars, euros and bitcoins
14 March 2019   140

Leading US cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase Pro announced on Wednesday, March 13, the beginning of support for Stellar Lumens (XLM). XLM trades will be conducted in pairs with US dollars, euros and bitcoins.

According to the exchange, the possibility of making deposits is already available to users. A gradual start of trading will be launched approximately 12 hours after the announcement in accordance with the practice adopted by Coinbase.

At the same time, on the main platform and in mobile applications XLM is not yet available, but it can appear there in the nearest future.

Earlier this week, the Stellar Development Foundation introduced a new project logo, abandoning the “rocket” that has long been associated with this cryptocurrency

Cryptopia to Provide New Info Regarding Compensations

The exchange isn't going to refund deposits, sent more than 24 hours after the security breach
25 March 2019   31

The New Zealand cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia provided additional information regarding the procedure for paying compensation to users who suffered from a hacker attack in January.

According to today's announcement, users who have made deposits to their addresses more than 24 hours after the company reported the incident, that is, after 16/01/2019 12:00AM NZT , will not be able to claim payment in accordance with the previously announced plan.

The Exchange also draws attention to the fact that it currently does not have a specific deadline for returning assets to users to whom such payments are due. Cryptopia addresses are still not available for deposits, so users shouldn't try to transfer funds to them until further notice. After the renewal of deposits, clients of the exchange will need to regenerate the purse addresses for each of the supported cryptocurrencies.

As analysts noted, the funds withdrawal continued even after the official announcement and the start of a police investigation.