Coinbase Users May Receive EOS Thru Earn Program

Coinbase Earn program is available to users from 100 countries, it allows to get crypto for performing differnt tasks
03 June 2019   156

Coinbase, the largest US cryptocurrency company, will reward users with EOS tokens for studying educational materials about the EOSIO protocol on the Coinbase Earn platform.

Earn. com appeared in October 2017 as a result of the rebranding of 21 Inc and the launch of the platform of the same name, which allows users to get a bitcoin reward for performing various tasks, such as reading and answering emails.

In the spring of 2018, Coinbase acquired a startup supposedly for $ 120 million. Now the Coinbase Earn program is available to users from 100 countries, and the company intends to pay users more than $ 100 million in cryptocurrency.

In addition to EOS, the service currently supports XLM, ZEC, BAT and ZRX.

Poloniex to Bring Back the Trollbox

According to Poloniex owner, the "most frequent request has been, “BRING BACK THE TROLLBOX”, a general topic chat  
19 June 2019   180

Due to numerous requests from users, the Bitcoin exchange Poloniex activated a general chat, better known as Trollbox.

You’ve been asking for it and we’re excited to tell you IT’S HAPPENING: Trollbox is back! Poloniex’s Trollbox is the original forum for traders to talk all things crypto. Our legendary mods are ready to go, armed as always with the mighty Banhammer to maintain order.

Poloniex Team

From now on, traders can again communicate on a wide range of topics without leaving the stock exchange, and moderators will use the legendary ban-hammers in case of violation of the rules.