Coincheck is approved by the FSA

The Financial Services Agency of Japan approved the application of most popular Japanese crypto exchange
17 September 2017   658

The Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA) has satisfied the application of the Tokyo Bitcoin Exchange Coincheck to obtain a license that allows it to operate on the territory of the country. This is reported by the CryptoNinjas.

According to the new rules, obtaining a license is a prerequisite for platforms that want to carry out trading in crypto-currencies. At the same time, the exchange must obtain the necessary approval documents by the end of September.

The law regulating the activity of Japanese crypto-exchange exchanges was adopted in 2016. Platforms intending to conduct business in this area must receive a special license from the FSA, and also comply with a number of established requirements, including the minimum authorized capital.

At the end of August it became known that as of June 30 this year FSA received 50 applications for the opening of crypto exchanges.

Coincheck is one of the most popular crypto-currency companies in the country, obtaining a license was probably just a matter of time and was not questioned. Also, we can expect that such well-known exchanges as bitFlyer, Zaif, and BitPoint will not face any problems, as well as platforms that other large companies are planning to launch.

At the same time, there is reason to believe that not all applications will be satisfied, and smaller operators will be forced out of the market.

HTMLCoin swap process comes to an end

On March 27 HTMLCoin finalizes the swap procedure of old HTML5Coin into HTMLCoin at a rate 3:1 and thus the migration to a new blockchain will be officially completed
21 March 2018   30

In full accordance with the swap schedule, March 27 marks the end of the swap procedure of the old HTML5Coin token into new HTMLCoin token. This final stage of the swap that lasted roughly 14 days is considered to be late stage and thus the rate is 3 (old) : 1 (new).

A special web form was prepared so that the users could fill it out and perform the swat themselves (therefore it was called 'Self-swap service'). The users can use this form for both the HTML5Coin wallet addresses and YoBIT exchange withdrawal code called 'Yobit code'. The HTMLCoin team warns that sometimes the YoBIT exchange withdrawal function may not work and recommends repeating the procedure later or contact HTMLCoin support for help with the withdrawal.

The actual swap are going to be handled on Saturday, March 31. The official end date of the swap procedure is set on March 28. This swap is due to the migration of HTMLCoin to a new blockchain with new features for freelancers and segregated minorities (e-learning programs, job hunting and connections, freelance mobile app). These rich features all aim to empower freelancers and vulnerable communities to new bold opportunities, learn new skills and apply them immediately. Freelancers-Business platform is set to connect companies and freelancers to help adopt these innovative concept.

As of the moment of publication, the HTMLCoin market indicators are as follows:

Average price: $0.000541

Market cap: $35,579,234

Volume (24h): $70,079