CoinMarketCap to Create Own Block Explorer

CoinMarketCap's solution isn't very different from similar products; it allows you to get general information about BTC & ETH and about certain addresses
05 June 2019   999

CoinMarketCap, a popular analytical service, has launched its own block explorer for the two  cryptocurrencies with the biggest capitalization - Bitcoin and Ethereum.

In terms of functionality, the explorer from CoinMarketCap is not much different from similar products on the market. On the service page you can see general information about Bitcoin and Ethereum, including market capitalization, the number of coins in circulation, hashrate and the maximum amount of cryptocurrency supply.

CoinMarketCap Block Explorer
CoinMarketCap Block ExplorerCoinMarketCap Block ExplorerCoinMarketCap Block Explorer

Like other similar services, the browser from CoinMarketCap's solution allows you to get basic information about certain addresses, including account balance, outgoing and incoming transactions, etc. You can also view data on the bitcoin blockchain or Ethereum, the last mined blocks and network complexity.

Earlier, CoinMarketCap started fighting fake trading volume date, along with leading exchanges.

Buterin to Propose Way to Speed Up ETH 2.0 Migration

Vitalik Buterin,creator of Ethereum, believes the eth1 system can exist as a zero shard in eth2 
25 December 2019   269

Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin proposed a solution that allows you to quickly get rid of the Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm chain and move everything in Ethereum 2.0 to Proof-of-Stake (PoS).

According to him, the eth1 system can exist as a zero shard in eth2.

Validators who choose to participate in eth1 will be able to register as friendly. They are expected to support the full eth1 node in addition to the eth2 node.

A full eth1 node will load all blocks of the zero shard and maintain the updated state of the old circuit.

Buterin believes that his proposal does not make any changes to the planned procedure for the transition from eth1 to eth2. Only software for stateless clients and witness size changes in the eth1 protocol are required.